Aug 15, 2013

How do you study the bible?

I am the type that gets distracted easily from things. Bible study is no different. I've tried this method, and that method. I've tried listening to what so-and-so does, and tried that. On average, I can hang for a week on something, then poof, I'm over it. Study method, not the bible, just so we are clear. :) I see some people just grab their journal, their bible and go to town. Not this girl.

That being said, I have probably 4 bible study guides that I don't like or they didn't hold my attention. Maybe there isn't hope for me finding just ONE method and sticking to it. Some days I like to read through a chapter like a regular book, just zoom right through. Other days, I pick apart individual verses, word for word and meditate on those. Or have a list of different verses that I will study. But there isn't a rhyme or reason to this. I will literally flip the bible open and whatever page it lands on is what I study.  I think to myself, this is ridiculous!

I am certain that I'm one of the few weirdoes that do this and I know I need organization... badly! I must admit here that being raised Catholic, there isn't so much emphasize on studying your bible this way. Or maybe it was just my Catechism teachers didn't teach us how to. But after going to a few Christian Non-Denominational churches, I see a big difference in the bible study. So I'm new at this, and maybe that's my whole problem. No one has sat me down and said, this is how you study- you do A, B, & C. Then again, not one way will work for every single person, right?

The question remains, how do you study the bible? Please share your methods with me!


  1. Hey girl I totally understand what you mean. When I started studying my bible I felt so lost like I wasn't getting anything out of it, and I was always distracted. I still do get distracted but I push through it. I know for sure that my trouble with study had to do with not being taught how to study when I was younger. I grew up baptist and their idea of bible study was every Wednesday night the pastor would dissect a few scriptures and we would chime in a little. Honestly I know they tried but I learned absolutely nothing. It wasn't until I moved to my non denominational church that I actually learned the way to study my bible. They really stressed learning the bible for yourself and having your own personal relationship with God through study time. Everyone has different method but from seeing how other people did it I found my own. My biggest breakthrough came from getting a bible that I understood. My second one came from learning a study method called the SOAP - Scripture, Observation (what you learned), Application (how it's relevant you your time or your life), Prayer (pray over what you have learned). I usually read an whole chapter and then go back and study 3-4 verses at a time with that method. I posted some other tips in a blog post a while ago Here. I am definitely no expert but this is what worked for me. Hope it helps :-)

    1. Oh, wow! Charity, you completely get me! I will definitely have to try you your SOAP method. I sounds like something that can keep me on track. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm going to go read your post now! Happy Sunday!


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