Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How much blog upkeep do you do?

Blog, website, online journal, whatever you choose to call your little space of the internet is up to you. The basic idea behind every blog is, you have something to say that you think the rest of the world, or maybe just a few friends, wants to hear.

Going into making this blog, I thought, who is even going to want to hear my caca?  Chances are, it will only be family and friends. As it turns out, it's some friends and zero family that reads this space! That's okay, because the ladies that I have met and bonded with through blogging makes it all worth while. We are a community, of sorts, and it can be an amazing venue to meet great friends.

The questions are, how much of blogging is a labor of love? Is it what you thought it would be?

It's been almost  a year of regular blogging for me, and I have to say, it's trying! I find that blog upkeep can take up your whole day if you allow it. I try to sit and write all posts for the week on Saturdays after cleaning up my home, and in between loads of laundry. Most of the time, I only manage to write out 2-3 days worth of content, but at least it's something!

The hardest part is the social aspect of it. Well, I shouldn't say hardest part, maybe the most time consuming part. Emailing back to people who comment, keeping sponsorships straight, following up on button swapping, reading your favorite blogs daily and making sure to leave some love on their page. It's not an easy task, this whole blogging world. The rewards of this community, however, you just can't put a price on that.

Recently, I have inspired a couple of ladies to make a blog. Although I have only blogged for a year, I did think of a few tips for them. I'll share it here as well. Here goes:

  • Picmonkey is your new BFF, use it to watermark every picture to help gain exposure. Especially when you load them onto Pinterest. Almost half of all views for this site comes from Pinterest. Learn to use it and picmonkey, and you'll be golden. 
  • Find other bloggers with similar interests, email them, comment, really get to know them. New friends are always fantastic. Remember, no matter how "big" a blog is, or how many views they have, they are human. Don't be shy to approach one and say, "Hey! I like your style!"
  • Set a writing schedule, and stick to it! Blogging will swallow your days and you can't live life and have content to write about if you're stuck at home writing all the time!
  • Stay true to you. Write how you think, how you'd talk to your friends over coffee. Please don't change or say things in a way you wouldn't normally in real life. The reason people read your blog is to get to know YOU, so be YOU.
  • Link-ups are great ways to meet new bloggers! And they are fun. Find some that you really like and participate!
  • GET A PLANNER! I know most folks will say they write things on their phones, or whatever, but a paper planner is so helpful for you to plan your posts. I use it to make sure I'm not posting too many DIY's too close to each other, or to go over it and make sure that I have content evenly spaced out. It's also a way to make sure you have photos taken, edited, and linked to the specific blog post. 
  • Which leads me to my next tip, TAKE PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING! Well, maybe not everything, but most things. I see something pretty, or especially if something inspires a blog post, I whip out my phone like Lightening McQueen and snap away! You never know when you need a photo of some pine trees to really drive home a point in a post!
Basically, just remember, blogs should be about your life, not your life revolving around a blog. 

  How much upkeep do you do? Leave some tips for the new bloggers!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

If you came over for coffee...

...I'd probably offer you tea as well. Because I love both, so maybe you do to? After making our hot beverages, we'd get comfy on the couches and also enjoy some fresh raspberry macarons I baked a couple days ago. We'd also laugh at the huge stuffed minion the Mr. won at the Rib Fest, it's living in front of my fireplace for the summer. :)

... We would chat about the weather, and how it's supposed to be summer, but we had a polar vortex week, last week, where it was cooler than normal. We would also discuss any location we would like to be in rather than "Chiberia" for the upcoming winter.

...Ginny would be up in your face trying to lick you square in the mouth. She would also keep nudging your hand with her nose until you pet her. No, you are not allowed to stop, according to Miss Spoiled Brat.

... I'd ask you how you were REALLY doing. Not the, "Oh, I'm fine" answer. I have been known to be a great listener from time to time and tend to be the one that everyone opens up to.

... I'd ask you if there is anything I could pray about for you. And we would probably discuss what bible study we were doing. I'd confess I'm not as diligent as I plan on being in my studies. In an ideal world, I'd have hours each morning to study and dive into the word, and hours at night, but it doesn't happen that way, at least not everyday. I would tell you that I am waiting on an acceptance letter from a Christian university where I plan on getting my Theology degree. I'd admit to you that I'm nervous because I haven't been to school in 14 years, and I'm hoping my study habits can resurface quickly!

...We would discuss jobs. I would ask how your job is going. You would ask me about mine. I would tell you that the blog keeps me busy, which is good. And that there is going to be a lot more recipes and healthy snacks that I have discovered. That may or may not interest you. I'd also say I'm sewing my fingers off to stock the Etsy shop! 

... We would probably put our coffee or tea in a to go cup and take Ginny out for a walk. You'd laugh at how she flips her lid over seeing a squirrel, and I'd tell you that God truly blessed me with a dog that is perfect for us and where we are in life. She's the bomb!

...We would discuss diet and exercise while walking.  Which is where I would tell you that my doctor has cracked down on me and put me on Lipitor due to my high cholesterol. I'd also tell you all about my "new life" with My Fitness Pal and changing my diet severely, and how I've already dropped a few pounds. Most likely, I would try my hardest to get you do participate with me so I can stay excited about this!

... The visit would be oh so short, and there would be future plans for coffee dates made.I'd ask you what can I pray about for you, and I'd tell you what I need prayers about.  Ginny wouldn't let you leave without some extra lovin', and you'd be on your way!

Today, I link up with the sweet Chantel from A Harvest of Blessing for the Jack of All Trades Link up. Just a place where you can come together to meet new bloggers and encourage one another! 

A Harvest of Blessing

And that's what would happen if you came over for coffee. So tell me, how are you really doing? Can I pray for you?

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