Sep 18, 2013

Teasing Your Hair- to do, or not to do?

I am sure yall have seen all of the super cute hair tutorials that are all over Pinterest lately. All promise to be easy to replicate, just 5 steps, blah blah blah. I get sooooo excited when I see them thinking to myself, OH! I can totally do this one and it won't take all day? Say whaaaaa?? So I click, and click, and click. And on every, single, one, it says to do what? TEASE. Tease your hair, backcomb, rattail, whatever word they use, they all want me to purposefully damage my hair to make this one hairdo. I just can't do it! My hair is fine in texture. I have a lot, and half of it is board straight, the other is spastic and thinks it can curl which turns out to wavy funky strands. But it is mine. And I have enough issues with it being this way that I can't bring myself into causing even more damage and problems. I also try to stay away from the blow dryer, curler, and flat iron as much as I can, but there is days where a gal just wants nice hair! So I give in. Which is fine when my hair is semi short, so I can keep trimming away the dead and no biggie. However, times like now when I've decided to grow it out a bit, I must be vigilant in protecting this mop.

Stringy Haired girl!

So, back to the teasing. How can I get controlled volume when/where I want it? I've decided this... after my morning workout, I leave my hair wet, spray a little leave in conditioner, and let it go for a few hours. when it's mostly dry, I spray in my coconut oil mist and start with a wide comb to detangle, then use my boars hair brush to finish getting it tamed. And I just leave it down. Maybe a bobby pin or two if my bangs are getting on my last nerve, but that's it.

 This is where the magic happens, right before bed during my bathroom procedure, I spray a little more leave in conditioner- ok pause here. My hair is also extremely dry throughout the entire shaft, so I need as much moisture as I can possibly get, hence all the leave in usage.  Resuming- Spray a little leave in, one final brush out and then I French braid it. Yes, just like when you were a young girl, and yes, it does make you revert back to middle school cheerleading days when it was actually cool to French braid your hair and read The Babysitters Club books. 

In fact, it stays braided the next day even when I do something... say like hiking a mountain in Hawaii with this handsome guy!

 Having layers and fine hair,   I just do one braid down the middle, sometimes two, but I'm sure you can do two if your hair is thick or super long. I use my soft hair ties that I made in this tutorial so it's not so tight it leaves a big dent where you put it.

Fast forward to the next morning, not only is my hair  an un-birds nest because of flailing around all night, but it's wavy! It looks like I spent an hour + making these waves with a heat tool! I can literally just take the braid down and go. Bam. Problems solved and hair saved! Try it! Your hair will thank you!

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  1. Ohhh I like it! And you are so beautiful you should post more selfies! Lol!!


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