Sep 26, 2013

White Sox or Cubs?

The Hubs gave me a choice when we moved here- White Sox or Cubs. His family and friends are divided, so it's funny when one says something good about a team, someone else chimes in (mostly Chris) about the other team being just as good if not better.

So, I stated that I must attend both teams at a home game before I even think about picking one. A few weeks ago, we attended a Cubs game with the in-laws. I definitely see the charm in Wrigley Field. The ivy growing on the walls, how we sat at the top in outfield but still felt very much a part of the game, hearing- and seeing the Chicago street hustle and bustle, it was nice!
This week, we went to US Cellular field, the White Sox's stadium. This place was huge! I have to say, my first White Sox game was fun! All of the iron/steel work was blacked out, decently comfy seats A.K.A. enough leg room seats, it was nice, too!

Now, I don't really follow baseball like I do my SEC football, but I have decided that... I really can't decide right now! Both games we attended, it's the end of the season, half of the seats were empty, I mean I could go on & on, but it's hard to just choose one team! Of course I want to pick a good team that will win a lot, which everyone says the Cubs are notorious for loosing, so that's a point for the Sox, Husband is a huge Sox fan, most of his friends and family are Cubs fans, Wrigley Field is adorable, but US Cellular is nicer, ahh! So I'm undecided until maybe next year!

Do you guys follow any sports along side your significant others or are you guys a house divided?


  1. Lol I don't know of any sports teams. I only know of the cubs and white sox because when I was little they sent us helmet cereal bowls lol. My husband is a soccer lover and he's always rooting for his home team Jamaica.

  2. I'm the die hard Cubs fan in our house. My husband and son like football and hockey.
    I'm glad you got to experience a game at both parks.

  3. looks like y'all had so much fun!! I love braves games in ATL!


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