Nov 11, 2013

Weekly Wishes

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We had a little football gathering here on Sunday with some of the Mr.'s family and just relaxed the rest of the time. With every one's crazy schedules, it is always nice to sit and visit, don't you think?

Last week I shared my weekly wishes with you guys, here is how I did on accomplishing my wishes:

The Nectar Collective
1. Compose and schedule all blog posts for the week so I can spend quality time with the Mr. and NOT glued to my computer. Didn't compose a single post ahead, but I'm more determined this week. I just want a day where I don't have to rack my brain for post topics!

2. Get all Etsy orders out and create more product since I will close the store for 2 weeks. Hey, a girl has to recharge her creative juices every once in a while! Taking a small break does that for me! I shipped everything out, but didn't get to create more product. I think I've run out of time with this one before the break. I'll just keep shipping out stock I already have!

 3. Plan and shop for our Thanksgiving meal. I think it'll have to be before Thanksgiving day due to  the Mr.'s weird work schedule, but that's okay. We make things work! Didn't do this one either! I did plan and execute Sunday's gathering, so that counts right?

4. Decorate for Christmas! I'm sorry for those of you who don't agree, but putting up decorations to bring the true spirit of Christmas into our home is so important to me. And I will need longer than from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day to have the decorations up!  This is a big fat check mark complete! I love the decorations up! Glitter everywhere, sparkling throughout the day... I mean what is there not to like?

5. Rejoice in the scriptures as much as possible. I have a lot of different books going on right now, and I think I'll cut down on all but one. Books like, The Love Dare, God's Little Devotional, Woman After God's Own Heart, and my She Reads Truth email comes every single morning. It's just too much to read and try to apply all of the messages at once much less do bible study on books I want to study personally! I'm thinking, I do my study plus ONE book until I finish that one, and THEN pick up another.... sounds like a plan, right? Done and done. I've chosen to read and study the Wife After God book and hopefully my BFF Jessica does it with me! Anyone else is more than welcome to join us! I know it's going to be tough around the holidays, but I need to focus on my relationships- more on this tomorrow when I link up with Amberly for the Monthly Marriage and Relationship Goals!

So for this week, I'm not going to add any more wishes on myself. I will continue to knock out this list and maybe next week I will be able to start a whole new Weekly Wishes list!

How about you guys? Did you complete all or most of your Weekly Wishes? Comment below!


  1. HAHA you didn't get #1 done. I got FOUR of mine done and two for next week!! I win, I win!!

  2. I LOVE decorating for Christmas!! I can't wait to do it this year! Good luck with continuing on with your wishes!

  3. Good luck on finishing most of your Weekly Wishes! I'm so excited to see that people are putting up Christmas decorations already! I haven't, but I am getting ready to pull out Christmas music this week, especially since I'm writing a Christmas-themed book right now. :)

  4. Awesome list my friend. I know exactly how you feel when it comes to studying, I used to get so overwhelmed with all that I was trying to do. Now I do the study from my small group and use that as my devotional and study time during the week. I also don't mind decorating for Christmas now it's my favorite holiday because of the savior. I have been looking at getting an advent calendar for my home.

  5. Hi! I found your blog through the Weekly Wishes link up. Good luck on finishing your last two! :)


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