Dec 17, 2013

Things are a changin' round here

Did you guys see the breaking news yesterday about antibacterial soaps NOT doing what they advertise?!?!? THEY DON'T WORK!!!???  My whole world was shaken! I have an incredibly wimpy immune system and get sick within hours of being exposed. So to say I rely on these products to keep me healthy is an understatement... or was an understatement! I just don't know what company to trust anymore!

 And that got me thinking about the other products I use and their claims of a germ free home. I mean, do they honestly work!? How can I trust them? All day I researched and aside from using straight up bleach on every thing- including me, then the answer is- I can't trust the products! Why am I exposing myself to all of toxic chemicals when they don't do anything they claim? Why can't I use organic or all natural products to do the same job AND I won't potentially get cancer from the chemicals? What's a girl to do?????

 Things are a changin' round here, folks! I'm in the process of researching the most organic or natural soap products that I can clean with, and use for myself. I've promised the Husband that when the new year comes, I will head back to the doctors to get a grip on my aliments, (more on those later) and eat so much healthier. So, I'm thinking I'll change the soap and cleaners by the new year as well. Sounds like a great idea right? I think so!

My front runners, right now, are Dr. Brommer's, Burt's Bees, and Seventh Generation. I'm thinking I can take care of everything with these products!

What do y'all think about the news and what do you use for products? I'd love to hear suggestions!


  1. Hmmm... I may be changing as well. I didn't know that Burt's Bees had hand soap!

  2. Nice.. so, I read this while (I still am actually) sitting in the waiting room at my Doctor's office. Every time I am here, I use the anti bacterial stuff before entering the elevator, the office.. before leaving. UGH!

  3. I would suggest checking whatever you chose on the skin deep data base for toxicity levels. I've got a post about all the products that I use and have found to be human and earth friendly. Doctor bronners is on that list. According to old research Burt's bees is owned by Clorox. I hope you find something good for you. I know I was always sick years ago since changing my eating habits and products I haven't been sick in 3-4 years. Not even a single cold.

  4. My friend really loves this brand called Melaleuca. Their website is My friend sells it so after you check it out if you have any questions or want to place an order I can get you in contact with her.

  5. woah I didn't hear about that and i'm def nervous now as I also have a low immune system! eeks!!


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