Jan 23, 2014

The Gumbo Post

Today will be called The Gumbo Post because I'm throwing  a little of everything in here! Mostly pictures below with commentary front and center!

Over the past week, we have fought the snow and single digit weather-again. When is Spring?? I am beyond over the cold weather!

We did manage to get in a play called 42nd Street at The Paramount Theater. It was so lovely!  I think we had ear to ear smiles the entire time! Definitely worth the pricey tickets!

And then you have the ham Ginny. Im trying to upload her diva video, but I dont know if it will upload right! its not looking like it is. But if youre on my instagram- TheArtsyCajun, then you can see it! Basically she's having a diva fit that her Pa won't let her on the recliner so she can get some cuddles.Yeah, she's THAT girl. 

Also, check out that awesome salad!! As it turns out, the doctors are running all sorts of tests to make sure I am not a freak of nature (which we all know I jus ain't right!) And have Coronary Artery Disease at 31. So if youre the praying kind, it would mean the world if you said a little prayer for me tonight!

And that's all folks! What are you guys up to on this Thursday morning?


  1. hi, i just follow your blog on bloglovin. and i'm so jealous with those beautiful winter pics. there's no winter in my place actually, so that's why. anyway, i love your blog, especially your header up there, very pretty. :) x

  2. Love the idea of the gumbo post. I am so over cold weather as well. We haven't been in school for a week because of snow. Im happy/sad about it because now we have to make up days. But I finally got the camera strap today. Its so nice. Great packaging and everything. Thanks so much!

  3. I love these! I'm glad it's been a pretty good week, despite the weather!


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