Mar 13, 2014

Him vs. Her

I wish I could find the post of who did this survey, so I could link back to them!  When I saw this, I knew we had to participate! It's fun to see on the screen, just how much we are different. Polar opposites, but it works!   

    Him: Anything sturdy in the winter, and open in the summer
    Her: Right now I prefer tall boots to drudge through the snow and slush.


    Him: Monsters
    Her: Coffee, tea and water.
    Ice Cream Flavor
    Him: Mint Chocolate Chip
    Her: Vanilla with Caramel drizzled on top.
    Him: The turquoise blue of Hawaii water
    Her: Shades of Green
    Him: Not a big candy fan, but liquorice or anything from Albanese
    Her: Reese's cups. Peanut butter and chocolate are my weakness!

    Him: 90's and 2k rock
    Her: Contemporary Christian, & Zydeco
    Go to outfit
    Him: Jeans & t-shirt (Ha! wife answered this for me...)
    Her: Maxi dresses with cardigan


    Him: Love a good diner - haven't really found one here yet
    Her: any good sushi place
    Him: LOTR/Avengers/Braveheart
    Her: Pride and Prejudice

    Him: Steak
    Her: Sushi!
    Item You Can't Live Without
    Him: Don't have anything like this - maybe a book?
    Her: Lip balm.

    TV Show
    Him: Love Firefly - probably the only show I could re-watch multiple times
    Her: Currently, it is Southern Charm. I know it's bad reality TV, but I just can't look away!
    Wake up time (M-F)
    Him: 9:30am
    Her: 6:20am 
    Way to relax
    Him: Playing video games 
    Her: reading or crocheting

    Vacation Spot
    Him: EVERYWHERE! still have many locations around the world we will see! However, a yearly family trip to a lake in Wisconsin is always a great time.
    Her: I have to get to water! Either by the sea or a large lake
    Him: Thanksgiving because of the food!
    Her: Christmas

    Him: Playing: Softball or Basketball  Watching: Football  Going to the game: Baseball
    Her: Yoga, Try it. It's a sport! 

I'd love to hear your answers! 


  1. Any good sushi place works for me too!! I love this idea and I MUST borrow it :)

  2. I did this on my blog too, so fun! :)

  3. This is soooo fun!! I might just have to do this...if the hubby will participate :)

  4. This is so fun! I may have to borrow it from you. I love that none of your answers were even remotely similar. lol Opposites attract!

  5. I love his answer to way to relax--definitely what my husband would say too! This is so cute I think I might have to borrow it!!


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