Mar 24, 2014

Weekly Wishes- Freezer meals and failed coupons

I link up with The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes. This is an opportunity to share your wishes, goals, and or dreams with everyone. For me, it's a way to hold me accountable to get things done and off my to do list!

The Nectar Collective

Last Week's wishes:

1. Sew Lilly Pulitzer T-shirts. I have left over Lilly fabric, and my sister requested a T-shirt with a fancy smancy pocket on it. What better way to use up fabric and fill her request? I can't wait to show y'all what they look like! And I did see a few on Etsy that folks are selling.Maybe I'll have enough fabric left to make a few to sell!   DONE! So excited to mail Sister her shirt, and to wear mine! I want to test them out for a month or so before deciding on whether or not I want to start selling them in my Etsy shop.

2. Blog a week's worth of travel posts. Folks, it's time to get serious on this travel post thing. I am only through like day 6 or so of our Europe Tour from LAST YEAR! The best city, in my opinion, has yet to be posted! I would like to do a solid week where it's nothing but travel posts! How great would that be?  Partially complete. I have written a weeks worth of posts, but they are not travel. Is it insane to schedule blog posts TWO WEEKS out? Maybe not! :)

3. Start Couponing.  My little sister has started couponing and is raking in the "hauls" like she calls them. Although she buys things I do not need, like diapers, it's still fun to see that for about 30 minutes of work, she can bring in like body washes for 70 cents. And even if I don't use some things, it wouldn't hurt to keep a small stock pile of items that I can giveaway to friends and family!   DONE! I tried the CVS couponing, but honestly, there was only 2 deals that I completed. The others seemed a rip off! I had forgotten how expensive things are in a pharmacy. Like dish washing liquid. A tiny tiny bottle was as expensive there as a full sized bottle at my local big box store! Yes, the couponing seems like a great deal, but I can buy what I need, when I need, and for cheaper than the coupon deal. Now, I will still bring coupons with me, but I will not spend hours finding deals.

4. Organize book shelves.  I am a book hoarder. I know this. And my problem is, a fun outing includes a trip to the library. I will check out a couple books knowing full and well that I have at least 20 books sitting on m shelves that I haven't read yet. It's true. There is no denying the hoarding now. In an attempt to stop the madness, I've come up with a brilliant plan... to organize my shelves. I will put all of the unread books on one shelf, possibly two, at eye level, so I can see them and NOT check out or buy any books until I finish the ones I already own. Sounds good right? Let's hope it works!     DONE! And let me tell you, I was correct on labeling myself a book hoarder. I have enough to keep me going for the rest of the year. And I think I could start a series of book reviews. I have noticed other bloggers doing it, and it really helps when I'm searching for a new book to read. What do you ladies think? A book review linkup maybe once a week or month? Mind you, I have no idea how to start a linkup, but if you know, please send over tips!

This week's wishes are:

1. Complete the week's worth of travel posts I mentioned above. 

2. Cook/ plan plenty of freezer meals.   The next few months are going to be jam packed for us, and I hate going out to eat all the time. Don't get me wrong, a date dinner once a week is great, but when it becomes a chore just because I didn't cook and have nothing to whip up in a hurry, it's just not enjoyable anymore. So I want to have things ready to go!

3. Organize my closet.  Why oh why do I have the need for so many clothes? I'm out of space in a walk in closet that is JUST for me. The Mr. graciously gave me the master closet and he has his clothes in the spare room closet. And that baby is slap full of clothes. I think it's because my weight goes up and down so much due to the medication I'm on, that I never want to throw out any clothes! But I know that I can get rid of quite a few things if I just buckle down and go through each piece. 

And that's it! Hopefully I'll be able to do another clean slate next week!

How are you guys doing with your weekly wishes? And please, if you have any ideas or tips on freezer meals or starting a link up, let me know!


  1. Well done on getting those goals achieved last week - wow you're talking directly to me about the book hoarding right?! I have two huge boxes filled with yet to read books :/ That is really getting out of control there must be around 60 books in there. If you do decide to do a review link up I'd def join you!
    A tip for the closet clearout a friend gave me is to go through and match up outfits if you have things you don't have a match for get rid of it, same as if there are things you've had for ages and never worn you probably never will - get rid!

  2. Great job last week! That's impressive. I love the idea of freezer meals. If you find some good recipes, please pass them along. :) :)

  3. Your goals sound great and totally doable Good luck and enjoy the life you have planned for yourself. :)

  4. Well, it looks like you accomplished a lot last week (wish I could say the same LOL) Spring cleaning my closet is on my list too this week and I'm guessing buying new stuff isn't going to help LOL And keep the travel posts coming! It's perfect for daydreaming!

    Good luck with this week's wishes!

  5. Hi Jessie,

    Ah you organized the book shelves, that's a major accomplishment! I would definitely join the book review link up :) Looking forward to read your travel posts and all the best on all other goals.


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