Apr 3, 2014

Can I just say...

I am a gal from the South. But, I'm Cajun and Cherokee, which is a little bit different from most of the "Southern Belles" you will meet. I don't have an accent anymore. I believe all tea should automatically be sweet. I love pink. I will wear camo when hunting, and it may or may not be some sort of pink camo. I believe in hunting and living off the land (whenever possible) just as my ancestors did. It's our way of life and I will pass it to my children as well. All of this means I believe in guns.

Now, before you start thinking all kinds of craziness, let me further explain that I believe in owning and using guns in a safe and controlled environment. I believe that whoever handles a gun should have completed a certified gun safety course, and have the gun(s) legally registered to them. And I demand that safety is the number one priority at all times when a gun is present. I was taught to handle any gun as if it is loaded and the safety is off.

ALL that being said, if you're going to hunt (or to protect yourself)
, you're going to need good aim. And the only way to get good aim is target practice. This is something my Dad, brothers and I enjoy. It's incredibly thrilling to shoot, and I probably enjoy it a little too much.

Soon, I'll go for a vacation to Louisiana and hopefully get in some target practice with my brothers. After handling guns for most of my adult life, I do get an itchy trigger finger if it's been too long since shooting. Plus, we always compare who can hit the target better, and I'm not afraid to admit that this gal has won multiple times!

And I realize that what I am saying is completely foreign to most of you, and you may not agree with me on this, and that's OK! To each his own. BUT, I did want to share a little of this sort of thing with you. This is a short clip of me and one of my brothers shooting. As I stated before, it's how we were raised, and I'm pretty proud of my heritage!

What are some of your family traditions that you miss while you are away?


  1. Aww how fun! I never really got into guns but I have cousins who live to hunt. They've taken me with them a few times. I am certainly not anti-gun!

  2. Came this close to getting my license to carry - but didn't think it was a wise use of my money at the time. If I try again, I'll be needing a refresher course on how to use a gun. But I'm all for (my dad & brother) hunting if that means my freezer is always stocked with deer meat!

  3. I have a lot of family members who hunt, and one uncle who does sharpshooting competitions. I've had plenty of opportunity to do target practice--and yes, for us it's a family get-together type of activity. But we are definitely taught how to be extremely careful with guns. They certainly aren't anything to joke around with.

  4. Love to shoot too! My dad is a southern boy through and through. After he and my mom got married, we lived in Memphis for awhile (where I was born) and then when I was in the 8th grade, we moved to Alabama. Where pretty much everyone believes in owning guns. He taught me how to shoot (and got me into archery!). We even spent my 22 birthday in the woods hunting. Love shooting skeet also!

  5. I love to shoot! I was raised in East Texas and also my uncle was sergent in the Police department. I'm actually a pretty good shooter when i have time to practice. I really want to get my license and hoping to make it a priority this summer.


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