Apr 7, 2014

Marriage and Relationship Link up!

Get ready for this ladies, it may strike a cord...

Your husband isn't meant to be everything to you.

  Some may be appalled at the statement. But I believe it to be true. God made a sort of spiritual keyhole in you that only he can fill. I'll be completely honest, I had a lot of trouble with this, and sometimes I still do.  I am always wanting more, which seems like something my dog inherited from me. We always want more cuddles, more conversations, more kisses on the forehead just more attention from The Mr. Not that he doesn't give enough. He is amazing and much more than I ever imagined a marriage could be!  But sometimes, and especially when I am feeling bad because of the Endometriosis, I just need comfort. The problem is, he gives so much and sometimes... its just not enough. It comforts, but doesn't fill up my "love tank" completely, which is a horrible feeling. UNTIL I figured out that it's not entirely The Mr.'s love tank to fill. I was combining all my love into one tank when it should be one love tank for the Mr. and one love tank for God. That, my friends, works sooooo much better!

  The Mr. shouldn't have the responsibility of making me feel entirely complete. He can give only what he can, and the rest was what I should've been pulling from God. I don't know if this makes sense to you as it does to me, but this revelation changed my whole view on things. I now am happier and feel more loved that I visualized separating the two loves into the two love tanks. And this may sound like a ridiculous example as I'm typing, I realize. But it best describes how I see it in my brain.

So, for this month, as I link up with Amberly over at Life with Amberly and Joe, my goal will be to make sure that I can recognize which "love tank" needs to be filled. To not be cranky with The Mr. when it's just ole quality quiet time I need with my heavenly father!

God promises to never leave you. ” I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

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Marriage & Relationship Goals
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Do any of you relate to the "love tank" concept?


  1. I LOVE this!!!!! I had never thought about that before :) Such a great goal! Thanks for sharing some insight!

  2. Oh girl this is perfect! I remember realizing this a while back and how it was like a huge weight lifted off of me. But I still fall into the trap sometimes of looking to my husband for what only God can do. It's too much pressure to put on our husbands to fulfill us completely. Not to mention it is an impossible task for a human. You are so right about that hole that only God can fill! Thanks for the reminder today. And good luck on your goal!

  3. When this topic comes up I always think of the "You Complete Me" scene from Jerry Maguire. It's supposed to be one of the greatest love scenes of all time, but it's completely false! My husband does not complete me and never can - or as you so wonderfully put it: he can't fill up my love tank. And I think if more men and women realized this, a lot of marriages would be saved.

  4. Yes! This is very true, I was just reading about this concept in the book "Sacred Marriage" this morning. It's putting an inappropriate burden on our spouse if we expect them to "complete" us.


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