May 31, 2014

Saturday Flash Sale! Dictionary Scarves

I am in-love with this Saturday! It's been an awesome morning and I plan on keeping the rest of the day HAPPY! I want to make you guys happy, too! So, I have 12 pretty little dictionary scarves sitting on my shelf, waiting to be sent to their owners! 6 with the mint green stripe, and 6 without.


ANDDDDDDD..... I've dropped the price! $29.00 + S&H until 10 pm Central time! Ya can't beat that! I'm the only one to offer these on Etsy, and let's face it, Etsy is a HUGE market! So go check them out! It's never too early to think about Christmas, birthdays, maybe someone you know will be starting their first year teaching in the Fall? Or, let's just get real here, any bookworm would love this at any time of the year!

I get compliments EVERY TIME I wear this! And it's so soft and comfortable! 

Hope you guys cash in on this deal today! Price goes back up to $34 + S&H after 10pm! 


  1. I went to the shop, because they are awesome for an English teacher like me. :) :) It still shows $29.00. How does the discount work?


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