May 22, 2014

When your dog is a mean girl...

Ginny is a mean girl. I hate to admit it, but it's the truth. She is a bully who thinks she can growl at a full grown German Sheppard. She gets frantic and jumps like shes standing on hot coals at other dogs, doesn't matter the size. She is even known to be a mean girl to me. Like when she wakes up and wants to play, she will just charge me! Total mean girl!

 When we adopted her from the rescue group, she was a bit shy, listened VERY well, and didn't play with us. Seriously, would not chase a ball, would watch it, then come to you for head rubs. I thought, what doggie doesn't play at a 1-2 years old? So I began to watch her reactions to things more closely. I believe that she may have been abused, if not abuse then they corrected her with pain, like a swat on the butt. Her personality is a lover. She reminds me of Pepe Le Pew, the love drunk skunk cartoon. She only wants love all the time! So to correct her with pain would break her heart!

 She eventually opened up to us and now likes to play. Although I feel like she is bi-polar because she will play and be so aggressive that she has no regard for her own safety! She will jump and land on whatever, feet, coffee table, human bodies... she doesn't care! And when she gets outside, it's a different personality again! She's the mean girl.

 I decided to listen to the Dog Whisperer, Ceaser Milan, for tips. I told my Mr., "No one is going to want her around if she keeps acting this way! She won't have any friends!" We have been trying the "Pack Walk" with us being the pack master, she seems to do okay at times, but other times she's a bully and tries to lead us! I even purchased the clicker thing and tried the "Click and Treat" method of things. Even as simple as Sit, Stay, and Shake. I can work with her for 2 minutes sometimes, clicking and treating the whole time as well as praising her, she will tolerate it for so long  (2-5 minute) and then tuck her tail, run and go hide in her kennel. I just don't get it!

How did you guys train your dogs? And do you think it's impossible to retrain a rescue dog?


  1. So sad!!! We were blessed to get a naturally friendly puppy. He loves everyone and every animal and he's so confused when he meets a dog that's not a fan. We trained Howie to be more obedient, but I don't know about retraining rescue dogs. :P

  2. Aww but she's so cute! I really don't know what to tell you. :( Pip was a rescue but he hasn't been much trouble at all. Does the shelter where you got her have training classes? Ours told us over and over to come on Monday nights for FREE classes but we just never needed to.


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