Jun 17, 2014

Who's your celebrity best friend?

You know the celebrities that you just like? Not their work, per-say, but how you always seem to be glued to the TV to watch an interview with them. You just like their "personality", if that is their real personality. You like to see what movie projects they've taken on. Especially the new or younger actors, I like to watch them grow in the celebrity spotlight. See if they have what it takes to navigate Hollywood.

A few of them I am adoring right now, and I have to say that they could take the coveted position of my Hollywood BFF. Only one wins it though....  I know, y'all are dying to know who it is, drum roll please.....

My Hollywood BFF is....

Jennifer Lawrence!!!!!

Check out the awesomeness Buzzfeed.com does with her!

This girl is awesome! Seems like she has a good head on her shoulders, she's hilarious in interviews, and she isn't conforming to the skeletor like body types that Hollywood demands. She's fantastic... for now! I may or may not have thought the same thing about other Hollywood ladies and they turned out to be not so great. Ahemmm... Taylor Swift... Achhhewwww Amanda Bynes.

Please do yourself a favor and Google "Jennifer Lawrence interviews". ANY interview is funny! It's so worth a Google!

So here's to JLaw hanging in there and not letting Hollywood mess her up!

Who would you pick to be your Hollywood BFF?


  1. I love Jennifer Lawrence! She's so hilarious and genuine. I'd pick her to be my Hollywood BFF. :-)

  2. The "for now" is the problem. I always pick a celebrity that seems so down to earth and then they go off into drugs/eating disorders/all sorts of other things. Hopefully Jennifer Lawrence keeps her common sense up! Totally going to look at some of those interviews . . .

  3. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. I devour every Buzzfeed article about her. I sincerely hope she keeps her feet on the ground.


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