Jul 25, 2014

Find Beauty Friday, The one with the Dole Aloha in it

Happy Friday y'all! I'm so happy you are here, checking out my little space today! This week has been great. God is really showing me what path I need to be traveling down! So, it's been a bit of rearranging things and prepping for this road, but folks, I am on the way!

Today, is Find Beauty Friday, so I link up with the talented Aimee from This Darling Day!

This Darling Day | Finding Beauty

I wanted to share this little gem with you. This is from the Dole Plantation garden on Oahu. The first year we went, it was beautiful with all of the native plants and flowers there. The last time we went, maybe 2 years later, sadly the gardens we not as impressive. I did manage ask an employee what gives, and they said because of personnel cutbacks, the grounds weren't getting the TLC they needed. Sadly, I have to say, if you are vacationing on the island, don't waste your money going into the gardens. Visiting the front gift shop is good enough. Along Hwy 99, or  Kamehameha Hwy heading to the North Shore, you will see the pineapple fields. Please, don't pull over and pick the pineapples, you will get caught!

Anyone have any big weekend plans?


  1. Great photo! Such a beautiful flower.

  2. That's a beautiful flower and photo. :)

  3. So lovely! What a sad thing that the gardens are having to be neglected a tad. I love walking through a beautiful botanical garden. They are always so pretty and smell great!

    Also...do you have a story about getting caught picking a pineapple?? haha


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