Jul 18, 2014

Take me to the sea!

Happy Aloha Friday! If you didn't notice already, I have beach on the brain! The Mr. and I have always loved the water, it could be a lake to beach to pools, we can't get enough! Mine water love came from living by Lake Lanier in Northern Georgia most of my childhood. We would often visit the ocean on summer trips, even if it was stopping somewhere on the Gulf coast for an hour to stretch our legs during the long trip from Georgia to Louisiana. The Mr.'s like a fish and swam competitively throughout high school. Actually, all of his siblings did as well! Then there were the 4 magical years living on Oahu, that pretty much cemented us as water/beach babies. So, if we are away from water for to long, we start getting a little antsy!

This could be why I chose to decorate our home with ocean theme in the middle of Illinois! And why, after months of  my mantle being this way, I still love it! I just knew that for Find Beauty Friday linkup with the amazing Aimee from This Darling Day, I had to share it with you again!

Anyone enjoy the water as much as we do? What's your favorite thing to when you can't get to the water? Comment below!


  1. I love your decor. Looks fantastic!

  2. LOVE what you did with the blue mason jars! They are my fave!

  3. I love your decor and I have many friends who have a beachy and water themed house. I grew up and still live within 30 miles from the water. If you ever wanted to come and visit, you would be more than welcome!! :) :)
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

  4. I love living an aquatic lifestyle! It's kind of ingrained in me....I was born and raised here in Florida, and spent pretty much every weekend during my childhood in the water. And now I spend most of my time photographing it! So, yeah, your decor is right up my alley, haha! Love it!

  5. Your photo made me smile as I went through my bloglovin feed. Beautiful!


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