Aug 28, 2014

Sharing Scripture, The wedding one

In honor of our anniversary this week, I felt all mushy and romantic, and wanted to create a couple of screen savers. Of course, I had to share them with you guys! Pin them like mad, folks, they're that good!

On a side note, I may start a monthly Sharing Scripture link up! I know you guys are jazzy with your photo shopping, hand lettering, typography, I see the proof of your skills on Instagram! What do you think, "Sharing Scripture" on a monthly bases work for you? Say the first link up Sept. 28th?  Or should this be a weekly thing? Let me know in the comments and we will get this bad boy up and rolling, sharing scripture to the world!

Simple Moments Stick


  1. I think a monthly link up would be better, because there's already "too many" weekly link ups. But this link up sounds like a wonderful idea!

    Mrs K

  2. These make my heart so marriage scriptures!

  3. Aww I love these! And I'm definitely game for a monthly linkup!

  4. I love the idea for a monthly linkup!! I would join! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! A monthly linkup would be FABULOUS!

  6. Happy anniversary! <3 What beautiful Scripture graphics of what looks like a beautiful day.
    And I'd love a monthly link up!


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