Oct 9, 2014

DIY Whipped Coconut Lotion

As I said yesterday, I loveeeee bath salt soaks! The problem with this is, the dry skin afterwards. I have been attempting to really look into product ingredients, and have been appalled at some of the chemicals I'd been putting on my body!

So, I researched on google and Pinterest natural lotions. Of course they were pricey, all the best things are, so I changed the research to find recipes.

I found that coconut oil is the best for your skin. Yes, I know it's a food product. But, after living in Hawaii and learning that the Hawaiians used the coconut oil in their hair and skin, I figured it was legit! I mean, if something can tame their hair and skin after being in salt water and the sea mist, then it would work for me!

The thing was, it wasn't really a recipe, it's just basically smearing the stuff on you. I didn't really want it in oil form, so I decided to whip it for about 30 minutes to make it a lotion of sorts. I used 1/2 cup of oil.

I also wanted to incorporate essential oils into it, because why not?  So I threw in about 3 drops of each while it was mixing. Y'all, this is soooooo amazing! It does stay oily for a while on your skin if you put too much. And although it looks like a solid, as soon as it hits your skin, it turns to oil, so remember a little goes a long way!

Basically, you just put how much you want in there, mix it at medium speed for like 30 minutes. You can do it as long as you want, but I found adding the oils make it more oily texture, and I wanted whipped. Again, finding the cheap little jars at IKEA was perfect for this and if you wanted to give some as gifts!

I hope you guys at least give this a try. And, if you find you don't like it, try using the coconut oil instead of vegetable oil in your cooking, it's delicious!


  1. At first, I thought you were using MAYO & was like EWW!!! :) haha

  2. I love coconut oil. I have not found better lotion from any store. I currently use it for everything: face, body, removing the eye makeup, etc. It's so cheap and makes my skin feel great. I think I have to try essential oils too.


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