Oct 6, 2014

Grace upon Grace, The one where it's hard

Y'all, I adore this link up! Check out what Jordyn has to say about it, from her blog She Who Fears, " I may be biased but Grace Upon Grace is my fave linkup out of all of the linkups in the land, and since it's that time again, I am really just excited about today. If you haven't been here before, Grace Upon Grace is a linkup that takes place every other Monday where us bloggers come together and share the ways that God is doing big things in our lives. The small community of grateful women that it has created encourages me every single day and I would love for you to be a part this week!" 

She Who Fears || Grace Upon Grace

Wow, Monday already! Where is the year going? I feel like it's zooming by and I am no where near ready for another Winter! Ah well, such is life right?

Friends, I have to admit, this past week has been pretty tough to find God's Grace Points. Some weeks,  I can feel grace like rain, others, like this past week, I get into a funk and it's hard! That's when I stick my nose in my bible more and for longer, hoping to feel some peace. OK, enough rambling, here we go...

+One: My Prayerful Bloggers group. These ladies have welcomed me in and have renewed my spirit when the torch was passed to me. I am so incredibly thankful to each and every one of them. Our group may not be the biggest, but I'd rather a smaller group of dedicated ladies that you know is there for you than a large group where our members get lost in the shuffle.

+Two:  Along the same lines, my faithful readers. Blogging is a tricky business. And I've noticed the more I post about faith, the less views I get. You know what? That's okay! God is using me and this blog to touch people's lives, so if it requires me to have less views per month, I am truly okay with it. I didn't start this blog for the popularity contest, I started it to share things with people, and my faith is a huge part of me, so you can accept or move along. Either way, I know that God guides me, and I'm at peace.

+Three:  I know I said my Mr. last week, but I just can't get over how much God knew I'd need him now. Life has thrown me yet another wicked curve ball and, when I feel like I'm standing in the middle of the street like a scared deer in the headlights look, my Mr. scoops me up and reassures me that we are going to deal with things, and things will be fine. 

+Four: The internet. I don't care if Al Gore claims he invented it, I'm just really thankful for it. It allows me to do tons of research, so I can put my mind at ease about things. It allows me to connect with fabulous ladies who I never would've met otherwise and then it allows us to grow in Christ and build these amazing friendships. Simply amazing!

And there you have it. Like I mentioned in point three, there's a curve ball in play. So if I don't answer an email or comment right away, please bear with me as I learn to deal with it.  


  1. I will have to check out this link up. So thankful for the Prayerful Bloggers group! It's amazing how we can all connect this way! Have a great week.

  2. Your posts are amazing, and I am so glad you post about your faith! I wish I would post about mine more but sometimes I have difficulty putting it into words. I am so thankful for prayerful bloggers, too, and I was just thinking that I need to go on there and submit a request! :) Have a wonderful week!!!

  3. I love your posts about your faith. They are such an encouragement!

  4. I will have to check out this link up!! :) It sounds lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!! I am also so grateful for prayerful bloggers! It is one of the sweetest and most lovely blogging groups I have ever been apart of! So thankful for your faith to start it!!
    :) Rebecca

  5. Stay well lovely lady and will be praying for all good and positive things over your life and the hand of the Lord to rest gently on you and lift you up! xxx Thank the Lord for wonderful men who stand by us!

  6. You need to find yourself a tribe of Christian blogging women and I know they'll just be absolutely touched by all your posts about faith! :-)


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