Nov 3, 2014

Oh, Monday...

This Monday morning hit hard for me. Too much to do, not enough energy, and the end of the year is reaching up and shaking sense into me. Did I take on too much? Things, to do lists, obligations come in waves, things disappear and it seems like 10 times that amount appear at my feet. Such is life, right? I mean, will there ever come a time when we all aren't swamped with our to-do lists?

At times like this, I'm not even going to sugar coat, I get cranky. Yes, cranky like a child. Nothing can make me happy and I just pout. And, at times like this, the Mr. knows exactly what to do... take me to the woods, my happy place. This time, I brought my camera, and he managed to snap a few of me in my element. I also managed to take back the camera, and grab a few goodies myself. A photographer hates to be photographed.

On this day, I'm grateful for a Mr. that knows exactly what I need to bring life back into focus. Nature and a few extra hugs. And just looking into those beautiful baby blues does wonders for my heart!

This one didn't need a filter, look at those colors! 

After a little bible study, we sat and talked about life, what Fibromyalgia would mean for our future plans, how to adjust things, if a 38 day European Trip would ever happen again... on and on. This man of mine assured every fear that had taken hold of me since being diagnosed, and laid them to rest. We will have a fulfilling life, come what may.

Ember Grey


  1. What a beautiful place! Where is that? I've been feeling cranky too- maybe that space would be healing for me as well!

  2. These are beautiful. You are so amazing and sharing your feelings on this blog just makes us (your readers) empathize and allow us to feel ok when we have those feelings, too. I appreciate it. :)

  3. :) This made me smile. Gosh, husbands are SO great at knowing how to cheer us up, aren't they?! Sometimes you just need a good pout fest and then I usually force myself outside too (or under the covers). I hope you're starting to feel better and that the rest of your week is super productive and light! :) Thanks for linking up, Jessy!

  4. Jessy, you are beautiful! Those pictures are stunning. I am so glad your husband understands you and knows how to fix things. I'm still praying for you, friend!

  5. That is great that your husband knew exactly what you needed to help brighten your day :)


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