Dec 8, 2014

Weekly Wishes, The one with the big, fat zero!

I'm so happy Melyssa from The Nectar Collective came up with this link up! It's a great way to list your to-do list online, and hold yourself accountable!
The Nectar Collective

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Week before last, my wishes were:

3. Learn to juggle a new schedule. I love plans, lists, schedules, and when anything gets messed up, I completely freak out... OK, maybe not completelyfreak out, but it's bothersome. Now that I have to recognize what tires me out, what stresses me out, how I feel, it makes me focus on the pain and I now have to juggle things around because I don't know how I will feel in the mornings vs. the afternoons. It's so hard dealing with this Fibro. that I just want to scream and cry most days. So, learning to juggle a schedule and my to-do list based on how I feel is pretty crappy, I don't like it, but if I want to be able to get anything accomplished, it's a necessary evil.  I am happy to say, I've mostly found a new schedule! Yay for that!

4. Do & post new crafts!  It's been a while since I shared any crafts with you guys, and I miss doing crafts for fun and sharing them! It's time to do more for you! Plus, crafts are a huge stress relief for me, so it's perfect! Be on the look out for that!  Yeah, this is probably not going to happen until after the holidays. Sorry folks, but it's crunch time for more important things. I will say that I'm writing lists of ideas! So watch for those in the new year!

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5.  Find time for reading. Blogging and my bible study have been pushed down this list. I know, I know.... that can't happen! So, I will work on the new schedule, and if I have to literally write down "Reading from 6pm-7pm" then I will do just that! I also want to focus on my photography more, but that can wait, my bible study and fun reading is more important!   Reading time has slowly creeped in the planner! I am so excited about this! I know for the next few weeks, I will be working hard to fill orders and get things organized for Christmas, but I also know that after I get the work done, it's nothing but family, great food, good times and there will be a lot of unplugging from technology. Don't worry, I will do the occasional Instagramming, but I plan on taking full advantage of this time.

You know what, friends? I'm not adding anything onto this list! Nope, not gonna do it! Putting one big, fat zero on this one! If you saw my Sharing Scripture post last week, you'll know that I'm trying my hardest to focus on the important things and not so much having everything perfect. It's a new time in my life, and having the perfectly, OCD standard of things and of a clean house isn't going to afford me the time and energy I want to do the making memory type of things. So, out the window they go! 

How are you handling the Holiday stress? 


  1. Good for you for not adding anything. We all need to sometimes realize we do not need to do anymore than we are doing. I'm in crunch time with grading papers so I'm having to listen to my body and slow down at times.

  2. I love your new outlook. I am also trying to let go of the OCD side of myself in order to make memories and some days I really struggle. So yay for you, Jessy! :) xo

  3. I'm sort of not too stressed yet... check with me in a week... it'll kick in :)

  4. Good job remember what the Holidays are all about relaxing and making memories with family.


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