Mar 23, 2015

Ya know what?

I am sick and tired of having so much STUFF!

Everywhere I turn, more stuff that's misplaced, making things messy, needing to be put up... organized... gone through to make it look neater in here...

I'm over it! 

And, if I'm honest with myself, having the "stuff" we have now, we will never fit into a tiny or small-ish house in the future, which is our ultimate goal.

Not to mention my focus words for 2015 are: Simplify Everything

I've heard about this book for a couple of weeks now, and the more I read of it, the more I'm determined to let it inspire me to "Konmarimethod" my If you haven't heard the buzz about this book, do yourself a favor and google it! 

This means I may not be blogging much this week, but if you're following me on Instagram, you'll see the progress! (Click here to follow me)  Or just wait until next week when I update you on my progress. It should be interesting, folks! 

Have you read this book? Your thoughts?

What are your tips for decluttering? Share with me below!


  1. A friend mentioned this book to me a week ago. She is going through her closet and talked about how she needed to thank some of her clothes as she donated or got rid of them. I haven't read the book but I used the technique over the weekend when I had to get rid of two of my favorite pairs of shoes and boots. I also have a bag full of tops that I remembered where I had worn, appreciated them and put them away. I'm right there with you in regards to too much stuff and I'm ready to declutter. Can't wait to see your results.

  2. I haven't heard of that book, but I do know that getting rid of extra stuff we had made my life so much happier!

  3. I'm constantly trying to declutter by selling our stuff on the internet/ thrift stores etc. But I still feel sick of our messy house :(

  4. I'm all for decluttering! With a little munchkin, it seems our stuff has grown and grown and grown. :) Every once in a while, I go through everything and box it up/downsize. The nice part is it makes things easier to find! :) Good luck on your decluttering challenge! :)

  5. I know I need to de-clutter. I just need to gut it up and do it. Thanks for the motivation and for sharing with the Thursday Blog HOp!


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