Apr 28, 2015

A Camping We Will Go...

 Hey! I know, who is this lady writing to you? I've been busy trying to get over this Fibromyalgia flare up. Yeah, not my idea of fun. But camping IS my idea for lots of fun! The first weekend we thawed out here in Chiberia, we took off for some nature!

   I won't say exactly where this is, (in case this turns out to be our favorite to-go place)  but it's a state park, and it's gorgeous! We stayed 2 nights, 3 days... and it was heaven, my friends! Our spot was really an RV spot, but it was so nice and the campground host allowed us to stay there, even though we were tent camping. Remember to always ask!

    We put our tent on a level spot as close as we could to the water, and to wake up to that was heaven! Not a great spot for fishing, but we had fun just watching the water. It's so mesmerizing.

Ginny has to know where her humans are at all times!

   The thing that hinders our outings is... you guessed it, my Fibro. It is the worst feeling in the world to learn about somewhere new or something exciting you want to go see, plan it, and then it's one of the days where I can't get out of the recliner because just breathing hurts every inch of me. Such a let down, and you're angry you can't go, even though it's no one's fault, so you just grumble all day because, who are you going to yell at? Ya know? Anyway, so I have been researching like a fool for Fibromyalgia helpers and tips to make camping happen. And you know, besides the basics, there's NOTHING out there about how to help Fibro. sufferers when they go camping! I guess there isn't many that need nature and are willing to risk a flare up for it. But, when I'm already in the middle of said flare up, then nothing will stand in my way!

Here is how I survived camping with Fibromyalgia:

1. Plan, Plan, write a million lists, and then plan some more!
     - I planned so much I had about 20 pages worth of notes and lists. I planned what we would take, in what bag, in what tote, putting it where in the car... it goes on and on. The best thing I could've ever done was plan so much. I think we forgot maybe 2 things, and we really didn't need them anyway. Maybe you're not a planner, and that's okay, but for me- lists and planning eases my anxiety. I know it's going to be more pain just because it's a lot of setting up and tearing down, so if I can handle the logistics, then I don't have to stress about things- do we have ____? questions get me every time.

2. Bring your comfort items!

  •  I brought extra blankets, because cold really aggravates the Fibro. and pain is intensified. Something so minor could really set you back hours! 
  • Those SalonPas or Icy Hot patches. You may have electricity at your site, but the idea of bringing a heating pad and having it in a spot where you can use it really doesn't fit with camping. So these hot patches actually warm up & help so much when you're getting sore! 
  • Lots of activities. There was times where the Mr. wanted to go fish, and I just wanted to stay in my zero gravity lounger (a must if you ask me when camping) but I knew I'd get bored with no one to talk to, so I had my bible, journal, planner, sudoku book, novel, pens, highlighters, and anything else I could fit into my "Busy bag". It could be a life saver if you are too sore or in pain to go do what everyone else is doing. Say everyone you are camping with want to go for a hike, if you're not feeling up to it, your Busy Bag will save the day!  I love nature more than the average person, but even I get bored with just sitting there. PLUS- books and busy work keeps your brain active when you need distractions away from the pain. 
  • Soft bedding is the most important of all. I knew that I would never survive a night on a tent floor in a sleeping bag. My doctor FORBID it anyway. So I googled/Pinterest-ed glamping. Yep, the fancy schmancy camping. And I saw airbeds, some even bring actual memory foam mattresses. I knew that I move around way too much and the Mr. doesn't appreciate it on one air mattress, so I ordered 2 twin size, double tall, mega support ones from Coleman, and it was amazing!!! I also brought twin sheets- because the velour feeling makes my skin crawl and it's hot, and then a sleeping bag that zips all crazy ways to get the temperature just right! 

3. Get the site closest to the bathroom/showers. It seems like a no brainer, or maybe you want to be on a site on your own, away from others, and that's fine. But, I'm so happy we were a couple sites away from the potty because at 3 am, after drinking too much water, in 45 degree cold weather.... it can cause more pain to get out of the warm tent and walk to the bathroom than you want! I couldn't imagine having to walk across a campground to go. So that's something to think about. Also, make sure you have plenty of lighting! We have a little lantern that can hang from the center of our tent, but I also bought headlamps in case I didn't feel like carrying a lantern. Extra tip- wrap the head lamps around an empty toggle by the door of your tent. When you need to get up and it's pitch black dark, it's easy to reach for them by the door.

4. Layer up! I wanted to bring the least amount of clothes as possible. I'm not a high maintenance gal who needs 4 bags of clothes and just stuff to go somewhere for a couple of nights. At the same time, I wanted enough where I could be totally comfortable in whatever temperature mother nature would give us. Bring layers and be prepared for anything. You'll be happy you did!

5. Bring extra medicine! And I'm not just talking about extra pain medicine, I'm talking about a travel bag full of every kind of medicine you may need- Pepto, benadryl, alcohol wipes, bandages, sleep medicine, etc. When you have Fibromyalgia, and you are extending yourself- like being out of your comfy home and into a new place for a couple of days, it's better to be prepared than to suffer all night because of something that would've been fixed with a little medicine. Also, don't forget the basic camping stuff like mosquito spray, citronella candles, and sunscreen! I found a great product that has mosquito repellent (DEET free) AND sunscreen! perfect for me!

Camping is a great way to use up your samples! 

6. Prep food at home It's so much easier to make your meals at home, where you can take a break and get off your feet in between, rather than try to do it at the camp site, on a table, with possibly ants and flies- it could be a stressful situation. And, of course, you all know that every doctor, physical therapist, nurse- everyone in the medical field will tell you to avoid stress at all costs when you have Fibro. It just makes your body tense up even more, which enrages your already overactive nerves. So if you think about camping, actually visualize your whole day and all the activities, try to do everything at home so you will have the least amount of work to be done while camping as you can. Like prep all the meals at home so where when camping, you just have to throw it on the fire pit and cook it.

7. Bring EVERYTHING for your spoiled pet.  Ginny is spoiled. That's obvious when you come to our home! I also researched and wrote lists for "Camping with a Pet" because they can get stressed being in an unfamiliar place. Basically, bring their beds, favorite pillows and blankets, and just try to keep them close to you. Me saying Ginny is a lover is a gross understatement. This girl reminds me of a little floozy gal, just giving her love to anyone! So, we had to use the tie down close to us where she could jump in our lap and get love whenever she needed it. Thank God he sent a doggie who loves the outdoors as much as we do!

8. Remember to relax! That's the whole point of our camping is just to get away from the everyday things and routines and enjoy nature. If you've prepped everything, checked your lists, and arranged things how you like them, then you should be fine! Remember to bring your favorite floppy hat, and just enjoy the sun on your face, the fresh air, and the birds singing to you! It does my heart good to be outside!

We LOVED camping, and are planning on going every weekend we can! 

What are some of your tips for camping? Comment below!


  1. This is a great blog post!!!
    I'm all for glamping... or even better - a great hotel :) haha

  2. So glad you got to go outdoors and enjoy!

  3. Girl, you make me want to go camping so bad! When can I go?? haha So sorry about your Fibro. I can't imagine how terrible and annoying that would be. But these tips are good for anyone else who wants to go camping too!

  4. How crazy is this - I have never been camping and stayed in a tent!!! ;)


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