Nov 4, 2015

A little essential oil and migraines, coming right up!

Hey there! Today, I thought I'd catch up with you a little and join  Jenna and Anne for their Currently link up! 

cooking- Parmesan Encrusted Fish! That delish recipe will be on the blog next! 

 planning- All sorts of thangs, like meal planning, homemaking plans, trying to get on a more organized schedule so I can really knock out my classes for my theology degree! Plus getting our lunches ready for our PRIDE classes for the adoption! EKK!

 smelling- Not much! Migraines have been holding me ransom once a week for months now. And thankfully, the neurologist has started me on a medication to reduce the frequency of them. BUT, that is only part of the solution. I have to figure out what my triggers are, and the most common ones are strong smells, loud noises, hormone changes, and a weird sleeping schedule. So now, no more strong candles, only a couple drops of essential oils in my diffuser instead of 20, and just trying to be more conscious of things that could trigger one. 

appreciating- Migraine free days! This week's migraine lasted 3 days, so I'm so happy to be free of it today- which is why you're getting blog posts! I know, a rare occurrence, but hopefully the migraines will be what is the rare occurrence! I'm working on it, folks! 

anticipating- Welcoming our "Little" to the family! We still don't know anything, but just the thought of having a child makes me giddy! AND, of course, anticipating the holidays with our families! I can't wait to love on each and every one of them! 

And, if you'd like to help our Adoption Fund, and get yourself something pretty cool, check out my Etsy shop! These are great Christmas gifts, but will sell out fast! 

What are you up to these days? Comment below!

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