Feb 16, 2016

How I'm 'Thriving' in February


So, here we are, halfway through February, and I'm just now posting about how we are working on my word of the year, "Thrive." Way to go, Jessy! Ha! Ah well, better late than never!

Catch up with us by reading this. 

For February, we're focusing on Knowledge, and this is how we're doing it:

+ The Mr. will work on getting more certifications in his field, I couldn't explain it to you if I tried, so I will spare you!

+ I am plugging along at getting my degree in Theology. I'm so excited to use this degree to deepen my relationship with God. I'm unsure about what I will use this degree for, but God called me to this, so I'm sure He has a reason for it!

+ I also have always heard about colleges offering free courses online, which I think is amazing! You don't get credit for them, but it's just a great way to learn for free. Both of our families have been devastated by Alzheimer's, so the phrase, "Use it or loose it" hits home for us. I think it would be a shame to waste such a great resource like this.

+ We are trying to read more books. In preparation for our adoption, we packed almost all of our books and put them in storage! Thank God for libraries and Kindles!

I think this month will be a breeze to thrive in!

How's your word of the year working out so far?

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