Feb 1, 2017

Anne, you stole my heart

 Since childhood, there has been this girl that I immediately wanted to be my BFF.  Anne Shirley was and still is, such a kindred spirit that I can't wait until we foster children so I can watch them fall in love with Anne as well!


  So, here's the plan... when we get a precious foster child, we want to read to them more than just bedtime stories. We are avid readers & want to encourage every child that comes into our care to read and take some enjoyment in it. It's one of the activities that will never fail you. No matter where you are in life, being transported into a book is amazing! And the whole Anne of Green Gables series is perfect for the foster children since Anne is essentially one herself.

   After we get through the first book, I want to make a big deal out of it. Who wouldn't want to, right? And what better way to do that than making a movie night watching the first Anne movie? I'm talking popcorn, ice cream, tons of blankets & pillows in the living room, possibly a fort being made, and hot cocoa, all for these children that desperately need to believe in something and more importantly, have someone believe in them! That they can do anything with their life with enough determination and positivity... just like Anne!

  Y'all, this restoration set of Anne of Green Gables DVDs are amazing! Fully restored, the picture is super clear, and to me that just enhances the whole story. And this mug.. I'm such a sucker for a nice mug!

   When I say that I can not wait to introduce Anne to my foster children, I mean it. It's close to jumping up & down with excitement type of can not wait!

  What other books do you recommend? Comment below!

*I received these items complimentary in exchange for an honest opinion. All thoughts & opinions are entirely my own.*

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