Jul 25, 2013

John Ralphio... TV Character or Nephew?

My Nephew, Vance, is a handful to say the least. His personality is too big to be contained in such a little body! He's all over the place, playing non stop and the things he comes up with, makes you stop and say, "What? Where in the world did you get that from?" He's the type of kid where you just want to peek into his brain to see how it works. He's also the type of kid where you look at my sister and tell her you are so sorry because you know this kid will cause her to have premature gray hair. :)

Now, I've been watching the show Parks and Rec, and love all the quirky characters. The one that sticks out the most is John Ralphio. Isn't he a dead ringer for my nephew?  

Yep, I thought so too! I've started to call him John Ralphio, and have top secret info from my Niece that he has, in fact, referred to himself as John Ralphio a time or two.
Gotta love Nieces and Nephews!


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