Jul 19, 2013

DIY How to make your own chalkboard

Everyone has noticed chalkboards all over the place these days right? And all of the recipes want you to buy this grouting sand or grouting powder, something that I have never needed and I certainly did not want to buy just for this project. After many more hours researching, I finally found someone stating that Plaster of Paris works just as well! At just under $5, I was comfortable with the price and certain that I could reuse the Plaster AND have good results in this project! Bam! Done deal!

This is what you will need:
- Something that will be your chalkboard
-Acrylic paint
-A mixing cup
-Plaster of Paris
-Paint brush you are willing to throw away
-Puff Paint

I used an old picture that I didn't care for anymore as my chalkboard, but you can use anything really, wood, an old serving tray, anything that paint will adhere to.

I wanted a little more personalization to mine, so I looked up a cute font, and with a Sharpie, I wrote on top of the glass. I shouldn't have to say it, but I will just in case- make sure you thoroughly clean off any dust that is on your picture. Even in the corners and even if it is a teeny bit, it will mix with the paint & be a mess!

Next, I used the Puff Paint very carefully and traced over my lettering. You may want to practice using the Puff Paint where it comes out in smooth lines. It is tricky. But if you make a mistake, quickly wipe it off with a paper towel & try again! So forgiving!

While the Puff Paint was drying, I went ahead and mixed the Acrylic paint up to the desired color. I wanted a dark gray almost black, but you literally can use any color you want- pink, blue, orange, any color!  Kind of estimate how much paint you will need to make 3-4 good coats on your chalkboard. I think I had about 1/2 cup here.

Mix Well!

Once you get your color, add about a Tablespoon of Plaster of Paris to your paint, more or less depending on the amount of paint you have. My art teacher always said it's easier to add little bits at a time then try to take too much out. So use your judgment.

Looking at the picture, I decided the brownish orange frame just wouldn't do, so I mixed up a pretty blue paint & painted the frame also! Now it goes with the rest of my living room!

After painting the frame and letting it dry a bit, I started on the glass part. Be aware that the brush strokes will show up. I tried to get them as even as possible, but you can still see them.  Also, when it is still wet, it will show darker. So try to get even coats, and let dry completely in between.

Letting dry takes a while, so you can grab your hair dryer and use the cool setting also!  AND you can search out your house for whatever else can be painted while you're waiting just like I did! :) I'm working on my patience, but I'm not very good at it!

I decided on a tea light candle holder, the bottoms of wine glasses so we always know who's is who's at get togethers, and my Circle E Candle Jar which is our "Happiness Jar"- More on this later!

Have you guys ever made your own Chalk Paint? Please share your experiences below! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'll be pinning an using this! :o) Charlie @pickledokra.blogspot.com


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