Aug 10, 2013

35 Before 35

//As my 31st Birthday is around the corner, I thought of doing a 35 Before 35, since I missed the whole 30 one.  35 Things to do before age 35. Sort of a less dramatic bucket list, but still things that I've wanted to do. Here goes... in no order what so ever...

1. Run a marathon.
2. Visit Canada
3. Read at least a book a month for a year.
4. Try every single Teavana tea they have on that lovely wall.
5. Cut down TV time to 2 hours per day. Listen to Christian music instead for background noise.Music part is done! 
6. Learn French. At least enough to carry a full conversation. (Not Cajun French, but REAL French)
7. Be able to unplug from technology each "weekend" I have with the Husband.
8. Participate in a craft fair of sorts.
9. Go to a blogger conference.
10. Have the perfect eyebrows!
11. Memorize at least 50 Bible scriptures that mean the most to me.
12. Raise $1000 for charity
13. Donate $1000 for charity
14. Get 1000 hits on my blog   as of 9/19/13 I have over 2100 hits! Boom!
15. Complete a one month picture challenge.
16. Do a double digit mile hike EVERY MONTH for a year!
17. Learn how to make fresh pasta
18. Make a cookbook- for friends, not going to me a millionaire off this one!
19. Stop drinking soda completely. Done! Not as hard as I thought.
20. Loose 20 pounds.Also done! I have more to loose, but it is slowly coming off!
21. Celebrate our 5 year anniversary.
22. Blog 4 times a week for a year.
23. Get baptized!
24. Visit South Africa, Australia, and Argentina to see our wonderful friends!
25.Spend the majority of a day in New Orleans exploring.
26.Go to an LSU game with all my family.
27. See the Northern Lights
28.Get my theology degree
29.See Chicago like a tourist
30.Have a fruitful garden (even if it's only a container garden)
31.Get a dog, or cat Adopted sweet Ginny 9/7/13!
32.Visit New York City
33.Find our perfect weekly restaurant and go to it for a year.
34. Perfect my Gumbo recipe
35.Make a fabulous bottle of sangria.New meds means no more drinking, so this one is out by default. 

I may or may not add on to this list as I think of things over time.  What are some of your smaller goals that you set for yourself?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love this and you know i could help you out with a few of these when i come visit. Firstly you can explore Chicago as a tourist with me, plus hopefully come to New York, and if you're up for it I'm heading down to New Orleans by train from Chicago for a couple of days before heading to New York so you should join me :)

    1. i shall be calling you Kate for tips on cris crossing America!

    2. Kate, how did you find a train from Chicago to New Orleans? I've looked, but all say they stop in Memphis and then you have to take a bus the rest of the way. Buses here aren't like those overseas. There are some REALLY shady characters here. :)

    3. Haha Grace i shall try and help as much as i can then :) Jess its called the City of New Orleans and it stops in Memphis but keeps going onto New Orleans its through Amtrak :)

  2. I totally want to run a marathon. I may start off walking and run to the finish line though.

    BTW I tried to reply your comment from my blog but your are a no reply blogger. You can fix that by going into your blogger profile and making your email visible. That way when you reply on someones blog post they can email you back with a reply.

    Happy Weekend Friend!!

  3. Charity, I'm with you on that one! I could only walk it right now, but hopefully within the next 5 years I will be able to! And thank you, I had no idea about the no reply thing. I followed your instructions, and it should work now. Hope you have a great weekend!!


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