Sep 20, 2013

Counting Blessings, Loving Pumpkins!

Counting  up my blessings! Psalm 24:5 He shall receive a blessing from the LORD And righteousness from the God of his salvation.

Loving PUMPKINS! I love this time of year with everyone putting out pumpkin drinks, desserts, candles, just everything pumpkin!

Planning my menu for the next week. It may take 30 minutes to write a weekly plan down, but I feel as though it saves me so much time looking from the pantry to the fridge trying to put things together

Studying as much as I can about the Word. I'm also studying A woman after God's own heart book. :)

Hoping that I am connecting with everyone in my life. It was my monthly goal to truly connect, so I hope I'm making some progress!

Wanting a tropical island where all of my friends and family live with us, on the island, not the same house :)

Shopping for a Kitchen Aid Mixer! I want one, but there always seems to be different attachments and deals in every store I find!


Learning how to have more patience, see above for perfect example!

Writing blog posts about Europe.It was such an amazing experience, although it went by way too fast. Each city had so much history and beauty, I am racking my brain trying to recall as much info as I can for y'all!

Expecting The time from now until the first of the year to be super busy with orders and family. I need to organize all of my lists!

Praying for a deeper relationship with God. <~ I second this, Charity.

Preparing My menu and weekly goals/to do lists. And to dye my hair. I change it so often I learned how to do it myself. Saves tons!

Desiring More hours in the day where I'm productive.

Drinking Pineapple Kona Pop tea, delicious!

Wearing Gray V-neck tee and black yoga pants, perfectly comfy outfit for today!

Your Turn: thoughts, comments on my answers? Anything y'all are doing exceptionally wonderful? Do tell!


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  1. Love this post girl. We would so be besties I wish we lived closer to each other. I would love to study the word with you while having a latte at Starbucks. Where are you wanting to get your mixer from?


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