Sep 10, 2013

Our newest addition....

  The time had come here in the Hnatiuk household, we needed something besides each other to love! :) We had a few discussions and finally decided it was time for a pet! Now, Hubs is a cat lover, and I'm a dog lover. I also have horrible allergies, which certain dogs are better than others, but cats are all the same as far as allergic reactions go. So just trotting down to the Humane Society and picking out a pet wouldn't be that easy. We had to take into account the hair type, short haired dogs are better for me than long haired, under-coated dogs. Also, my doctor had mentioned that white colored dogs don't produce as much pet dander than darker colored dogs because of something in their skin blah blah, so that was something to search for. We also had to consider breed. Of course not many pure breeds walk through the animal shelter doors, but we still needed to be okay with whatever the prominent breed was.
  Now, I have zero patience. I'm working on this issue, but progress is very slow. So after an all day affair traveling around visiting this shelter and that shelter...finding nothing to suit both of us, we called it a day. I was more than defeated. All I wanted was a sweet doggie to love!
   But, the next day, I scoured the internet to find rescue groups. We had looked at the actual Humane Societies the day before, but I totally forgot about the amazing people who don't have a building to call an actual shelter, but that rescue dogs and put them up in their own homes! My eyes lit up once again! After a few hours, on I came across this adorable face...

I mean....come on! Too much cuteness in one little face! So meet Ginny! She's a Jack Russell terrier and beagle mix. She's about a year old, and is 27 pounds! Perfect little size for us! She has the sweetest disposition, all she wants is love and kisses and snuggles!

The lady from Rover Rescue said she was fostering her for 3 weeks, and she came from a high-kill shelter in South Illinois. Husband researched these places, and most will hold a dog for 72 hours and then euthanize them! So sad! So, they don't know much about her life before the shelter. She is housebroken, so someone had her as an inside pet at some point. But she is still timid, hates the wooden stairs leading up to our apartment, so she gets carried! She doesn't really play with her toys yet, she will chew on them, but when you go to engage her, she gives you the toy. We're working on her, showing her it's okay to be playful, but I think it will just take some time. You never know what kind of life she had before, so everything is a learning process for her and us!

We are so happy with her, and we truly encourage everyone to find a shelter or rescue doggie before any other route. These adorable babies need good homes! 

Ok, now for a few photos of our new addition!

How about y'all? Do you have pets and are they rescued? Comment below fellow pet parents!


  1. Ah!!!! Sweet puppies are the best!! :)

  2. Ginny is so adorable!! I just want to love her! I have a chihuahua who was not a rescue or a purchase. She was given to me by a friend when the dogs mother died. I took care of her from 1 week old. My dog before her was a rescued puppy. He was a darling, I did find him a better home where he is loved and active. I adore dogs.

  3. OMG What a cutie and how totally AWESOME that you adopted her! I have rescued a few dogs before and they make the BEST pets. After owning many full blooded, AKC dogs.. I swore that my next pet would be a rescue. You should do the Furry Fridays guest post on

  4. My heart melts! She is adorable! I have a labrador retriever :)


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