Oct 18, 2013

10 Reasons why the libraries are awesome...Still

1. THEY ARE FREEEEE!!! No $15.99 per book at the well-named stores for a book that a friend's Cousin's Sister read and liked... no Sir! Everything is zero dollars and zero cents making a library the most awesome place in the world!

2. Perfect nerd date! Don't know where to take your four-eyed sweetie? Try the library! Roam around those astonishing aisles, hand in hand, checking out book after book and have whispered chats about them. It's all printed press goodness people, and guaranteed to give you insight on your sweetie and what he/she likes to read about.

3. People watching. Yes, I know you're not supposed to stare at people, yes, I also know it's rude. But sometimes a couple of nonchalant purposeful glances at the same person doesn't count as rude! I'll admit it, I'm quirky, I know this and I'm sure everyone else knows this by now, but if you walk in looking like a weirdo, I will glance your way a few times to size you up! Of course, they also have normal people there, but nevertheless, the library never disappoints in the people watching!

4.You get to touch, see, hold, and smell REAL books! I have to admit, when the ereaders came out, I swore I'd never get one. Then the Europe trip came about and to save my back from carrying around 13 books, I added the Kindle app to my ipad. It was a must!  Everyone is stuck in their digital ways now, and I understand the convenience of it. However, I just can't help but get a little excited when I can actually smell a book! They should bottle that scent!

5. The feeling you get when they hand you your own library card! NOTHING makes a bookworm happier than the feeling you get when they give you your library card! Well, except for checking out books! I always play a little powerful theme music in my head and think "Behold, the power that will come from this plastic square card!" Well, maybe not, but I still get a little giggly and think of all the books I want to check out IMMEDIATELY! I may or may not have a running list of books I will check out and devour.

6. The Events! We just got our library cards for this town this week, and already I saw advertisement for the events they hold. Like on every other Saturday, they do movies at the library where you get to go after hours and watch a movie! They even have popcorn! I think it may be free, if not it's never more than a few bucks. That's really awesome! Cheaper than the regular movies and you get to smell the book smell! Like I said, someone needs to bottle that scent up! I'd be your biggest customer!

7. The quietness & focused you get. Ok, I never understood why people had to go to the library to study. I tend to zoom through things quickly and never really had to pour my soul into studying. Maybe if I did in school, I would've had perfect grades, but the B average was fine with me. NOW, I see how people need to remove themselves from their home. I am tempted to do it when I write blog posts! As I'm writing, I look up and see the stack of dishes I need to put away, the puppy toys all over the floor that I need to find a basket for, the dust on the TV that needs to be taken care of... a million things to distract me. Yes, it is as quiet in my home as I want it to be, but I still get distracted. That's why they go to the library! Everyone else is studying and reading, so you can really focus!

8. The librarians. These wonderful ladies- and gentleman, are just a wealth of knowledge! Most of them are so pleasant and I just want to hug them! I love that they love books soooooo much that they chose a career in it! I find myself wanting to ask all of them about their favorite books and authors. Just to see what they say! These ladies are like nerd rock stars to me!

9.Unlimited inspiration. Say you have a craft, could be jewelry making, quilt making, wood working, whatever... just a craft you do. And say you run out of inspiration. All you do is go to the library, find books in your craft, and flip through them! BOOM! inspiration! Of course you could always look on pinterest, but then you check your email really quick, then twitter, then facebook, then instagram and poof! An hour has gone by and you still are uninspired. Library = unlimited inspiration.

10. INTERNET! Chances are you are like every other American and are hopelessly addicted to your internet. I mean, we can't even go to have a cup of coffee somewhere without checking to see if they have free WiFi! Especially if you are having internet trouble at your home, the first thing most people do is go straight to the coffee houses and use their WiFi. Has everyone forgotten about the rows of full sized computers the library has? I bet so! They even have printers you can use for like 5 cents a page. PERFECT when everything at your home has somehow stopped working and your IT guy of a Husband is at work so he can't fix it! Wink Wink!

Have a great weekend! Go visit your library!

What are some of the things y'all love about libraries? Comment below!


  1. As a library employee, I agree with all your points!
    Happy reading!

  2. I love libraries for all the reasons you listed! I really like the quiet and the solidarity amongst the people that are there to learn. I've been visiting libraries since I was small so the library makes me nostalgic of the time that I learned to read.


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