Nov 6, 2013


I have a confession- I may have mixed up the tour stops in the first post about our tour with Expat Explore. The first day we drove from London, through the underwater tunnel across to Bruges. Our tour bus driver has to stop and take a break every so many hours, so they schedule stops in cool places. For the first break, we stopped in Bruges, a medieval city known for it's chocolates and beer. It also has amazing fries and stew!

Husband and I love architecture, and Bruges did not disappoint! Take a look at the photos!

Wall of Beer!

I had the cherry beer, it was different, but good!

This was our first taste of the tour, and we were instantly hooked! Besides one of our tour mates getting pick pocketed, it wasn't a bad stop!


  1. The wall of beer looks AWESOME! I would probably drool, take hundreds of pictures-- with me in all different poses, of course, and drool some more. And is that poutine on the fries? I had that for the first time when I spent a month in Canada.. I didn't exactly pronouce it correctly or lady-like.. but it was great!

  2. I always love discovering my own country to the eyes of others :-) makes me remember why I love living here, even if most people don't know where it's located.

    But anyone who does and even visited, is in my good books!

    love from Belgium,



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