Nov 5, 2013

Marriage and Relationship Goals

This month will be my second month participating in the Marriage and Relationship Goals link up. I did skip last month, for whatever reason other than just being lazy about it- which is my goal this month!

  • la·zy
  • [ láyzee ]
  • not wanting to work: unwilling to do any work or make an effort

    1. conducive to idleness: contributing to an unwillingness to work or make an effort
    2. slow: moving slowly
    Synonyms: indolent · idle · lethargic · languid · sluggish · slothful
    Not wanting to, unwilling, no effort, slow moving, SLOTHFUL! I don't want to be SLOTHFUL! Oh no, this must stop! Which is why I'm making to be anything but lazy this month! If I'm lazy in other things, such as waiting until the next morning to wash those dishes (big pet peeve of mine, but it's happened more than once recently) then I'm pretty sure I'm being lazy in other areas. And that just won't do!
    This month my goals are:
    • Focus on my relationships, be not only present in the moments with my loved ones and friends, but be proactive- send a goodie box when one is not expected back and they have no idea one is coming, (which reminds me, I will be sending out email requests of your addresses) give more time and thought into emails and texts instead of a one word reply or maybe two if I'm feeling extra chatty.
    • Do not become idle in my relationships. God put these precious people in my life and I will cherish them! I won't sit back and wait for them to respond to my emails/texts/phone calls. I will continue to show them, Hey- I'm thinking about ya!
    • And finally, do not become sluggish in my work both personal and professional. I have a list of requests for quilts and things to be made for my family and friends and I've just been so scattered lately that everything personal has been put on the back burner! I think my trap is having too much time in the day that I can just keep pushing it further and further off, but it never gets done. I need to schedule it like a normal working day with lunch breaks and everything!
    I do not want to describe myself, or be described as LAZY!
     Marriage & Relationship Goals
    What are some of your goals this month? Comment below!


    1. I love your second one! Not becoming idle in relationships. I find myself thinking all the time, "Why should I always make the effort? If they want to talk to me, they can contact me just as easily as I can them!"

    2. I love this!! I can certainly identify with what you mean about emails and one word replies. Half of the time that's why I am so behind because I feel like most of my comments are far too thoughtful for a one word reply, but sometimes that's all I have time for. I definitely am seeking to not be lazy where my prayer life is concerned. So that's my marriage goal this month to pray with my husband and not to omit it because he doesn't bring it up first. I pray that you have the grace to make progress on your goals this month!!


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