Jan 11, 2014

A blog challange... ACCEPTED!

First, anyone else a little melancholy that How I Met Your Mother is in it's final season? I am! Such a funny show! I especially LOVE each time Robin yells at someone, especially Patrice!

  OK, on to business, I was challenged by a certain  I am Mrs. K to do a blog challenge! My questions to answer are numbers 2 and 4 off of the January Topics List.

1. Why I blog. I blog to share my photos, my travel tips, my recipes, and my little bit of life with everyone who wants to read it! It started out just wanting to share it with friends and family since we all are, literally, around the globe. But now, while I do want my friends and family to read it, it's more about the blogging community. I have met some pretty amazing ladies, and love that we have a ton of things in common!
4. What I've learned from my Grandma, was a lot. Sadly she passed away Valentine's Day, 2012. I know, sad day, especially since she loved the color red and hearts! The credit for some of my culinary skills goes to her, she taught me the proper way to iron, just a lot of 1950's housewife things was her way of life, and she wouldn't have it any other way.  She was a simple Cajun woman who loved her family, ran a clean house, and loved to shop for "blouses". She was my best friend and taught me to love and forgive. I mean, she was like Mary Poppins when it came to what I needed to hear or see, she'd just pull it out of thin air!
And that's my challenge! I WILL be challenging others to this, so check your in-boxes!
Happy Saturday! Do you all have super amazing plans this weekend? I plan on not freezing to death! Yippee!


  1. Am I a terrible person because I've never watched How I Met Your Mother??

  2. I've never watched How I Met Your Mother either. I guess Jamie and I are bad people.

  3. oh my goodness YES me too!!! So sad! I love Marshall!!!


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