Jan 13, 2014

Weekly Wishes- The Buckle Down Edition

 That's right, The Buckle Down Edition of Weekly Wishes is here. I link up with Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective, who is absolutely fabulous and you should go follow her!

The Nectar Collective

 Folks, it's time to get serious. I cannot go another month of the new year without finishing all the loose ends from last year. I know we are in January, and the year has just started, but I am just going to buckle down and finish it all!

Last weeks wishes were:

 1. Get the new camera strap designs sewed and listed! I currently offer the camera strap covers, which offers more padding for the strap that comes with the camera (at my Etsy store here) But my strap often gets twisted around and so I came up with a new strap design that is awesome! I can't wait to show you guys! Still have to do these, but I have chosen the fabrics and hardware, just have to put them together!

2. Scour Craigslist for a solid wood dresser at a decent price. You would be surprised how much pure junk is on Craigslist! I am sick of buying particle board bookshelves and dressers and they fall apart! So the hunt is on for a solid wood dresser that I can hide all of my craft supplies in. I almost look like a hoarder here because no matter how much I straighten up, craft supplies look like a bunch of junk piled up on the shelf!  No dressers were to be found at a decent price. Then, I heard that IKEA did have solid wood pieces, and not just particle board. After researching, they did! And it was at a reasonable price! Thank you, Jesus! We went and picked up one on our "No Technology Day" because my patience and tolerance was getting a little hairy and I just had to get out of the house!

  3. Dwindle said craft supplies to what I actually use, and sell the rest on the Etsy store.  I don't need most of this, and will probably never use it, so my goal is to bundle up the surplus and sell it. It will eliminate most of the clutter... hopefully! After organizing everything into the new dresser, I have made a list of what needs to be sold, just need to pull it out and list it. Hey, it's like it's half done right? RIGHT!

4. Read the two library books I have checked out.  I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but lately it seems impossible for me to sit still! I feel like I somehow got behind in chores and work things and now feel the need to complete everything right away! Ironically, my library books are about relaxing and enjoying the moment you are in! Ha!  DONE! One wasn't that great, so I skimmed it. But I even went on to read Wild by Cheryl Strayed and let me tell you, that is one tough lady! If you ever thought about hiking or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or any long trail, you need to read this book!

5. (Yes, I'm going to keep putting it on here until they are done) FINISH THE QUILTS! I HAVE to finish these quilts as soon as possible! I feel like they are sitting here mocking me! I will never again put the stress of quilting 6 quilts in 2 months again! Well, actually we are working on the 3rd month now, but you get the idea! No progress on this one. I know, I know, I'm sick of seeing it on here as well! This week, folks. Buckle Down!

And there you have it! I won't add anymore on to myself this week as we start the barrage of doctors office visits and countless testing procedures and I know I wouldn't have the time/energy to get them finished anyway.

What is your number one wish or goal for this week?


  1. Jessy! I didn't know you had an Esty shop!! I love everything!! I even added some camera strap covers to my wishlist!

  2. I've looked at Wild but haven't picked it up yet. I should do that soon since the movie will be out this year.

  3. You can finish these! I know you can.

  4. Lovin' these wishes. You can do it. I recently overhauled my room and did a massive cleanin' I said screw spring cleanin' cause I don't want to being all that junk into the new year.

  5. Yay for Ikea! I think that's where I'm about to head next weekend too.


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