Jan 3, 2014

Find Beauty Friday Link-Up

Dear Harper

Happy Friday! Today I am co-hosting Find Beauty Friday link up with the fabulous Amiee from Dear Harper Blog. 

I will admit, with a snow storm here pretty much all week, it is a little hard to find the beauty! Snow is amazing to look at from inside your home, but the moment you have to go outside becomes a huge chore!

However, I was more determined to look at this blizzard snow storm as beautiful, so Ginny and I bundled up and set outside, camera in tow.

After she had an "accident" on the snow covered side walk, instead of the snow covered grass, we finally found beauty in the snow!

Did you find beauty this Friday?  Link up below!


  1. I am totally feeling this post today! We got hit with a lot of snow overnight and while it's pretty I am dreading having to go out in it! Thank you so so much for co-hosting with me dear! This photo is gorgeous! :-)

  2. Love a light post like this sometimes. We got a lot of snow last night and I REALLY REALLY don't feel like going out in it. Depending on how I feel today I might go take a picture to link up! Its just so cold out there.


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