Feb 7, 2014

Find Beauty Friday

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Today, my beauty is my yoga mat. This mat has been with me during salty Hawaii sessions, through humid South Louisiana Bayou sessions, and now... sadly, it has chosen to loose it's grip and break down during the winter here in Illinois. I can't say I blame it, I'm not handling this extreme cold weather gracefully either.

Which has lead me to this major decision... what new yoga mat to purchase? There are hundreds out there and all say different things, or more like promise different things. So you read the reviews and some are good, others not so good. But it's a personal thing, buying and liking a yoga mat. As personal as choosing undergarments...every one's body is different, everyone practices differently... it's a hard decision! (and no, I was not compensated for this post)

Never fear, I have about 3 hours of research into this, and I'm leaning towards the Manduka Pro The Black Mat,   (click the link to go to the site)

While it's not as colorful as I'd like, I decided I could overlook the color better than I can overlook the dirty feet/floor and sweat stains that come in a few months. Because no matter how much you clean it with "safe" cleaners, the stains will appear, especially when you like to do the same poses. So that would be my only con, the color. I would love to go with the bright ocean blue they have, but ah, decisions! 
I have 95% decided I will go with the Manduka line. They are pricey, about $100 for a pro mat, but they have a lifetime warranty! So when this one gets divots from my downward dog, I can send it back and they send me a fresh new mat! How awesome is that?  If I'm going to shell out that much money, I love the fact that it will be a lifetime purchase. What else can you buy for $100, use everyday, and it last your lifetime? Nothing! 

You might be wondering why I'm stressing over this mat purchase so much. I know if you practice yoga daily, you will understand. But if you only do it occasionally, it may seem trivial. My joints are so spotty that I have to look into the best for my body. 

Plus, if all goes well with my doctors for the next few months, and I'm cleared to do whatever I want, I am going to apply for my Yoga Instructor Certificate! Yes, I want to instruct yoga classes! I feel like Yoga has gotten a bad wrap from Christians, thinking it's a way to worship other Gods. But it doesn't have to be. It can be purely for the physical benefits. My dream is, to open a studio/cafe, where you can come for yoga and leave with a smoothie, AND the classes doesn't cost an arm or a leg! I want to also offer art lessons on some nights, where you can bring your girlfriends and a bottle of wine. Doesn't that sound like the perfect place to go? To me it does! So, I have to take this next step to make my dream come true. I am thinking, as well as neutral yoga classes, offering a  "Christian Yoga" where the encouragement is Christ centered during the class. 

I'm excited, my friends, to embark on this journey. Excited to see where it will take me, and don't worry, I will document it on here along the way! 

Do any of you have the Black Mat? Or what mats do you use? I'd love to know! Please comment below! 


  1. Whoa! A Christian yoga class sounds awesome! I wish we lived near each other so I could attend! You go girl. Make your dream happen!

  2. That's awesome! I don't understand the yoga mat, but I have my own things I obsessively research before buying! Isn't it funny how much time is spent in big purchases like that?!

  3. If you become a yoga instructor I am so coming to take your class! I've always wanted to try :)

  4. I go to a Christ centered yoga class every week and I LOVE IT so much! It's called Grace Moves. I've recently started taking my daughter with me and she loves it too. I come out feeling amazing - physical, mentally and spiritually. Best of luck, girl, I will be praying for you!! xo

  5. Lol! Like choosing undergarments! Perfect analogy!

    Danielle @ Allusional


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