Feb 11, 2014

Prague, the thief of hearts

Ah, Prague. You stole our hearts!

From Expat Explore website: Free day to explore the amazing capital city of the Czech Republic. Enjoy the many old buildings with beautiful murals on them, and the many other sights including the Old Town Square and the Astronomical clock

This place was pure magic, my friends. We hiked what felt like a million stairs to get to Prague Castle and oh my, if I had to choose some historical site to live in, it would be this castle! This castle is said to be one of the largest castle complex in the world, and it's still functional to the government there! They think it was built around 880!  The silver baroque tomb inside the cathedral is said to contain St. John of Nepomuk. 

 I gravitate towards architecture and churches, and this city did not disappoint in any aspect!  Some of the buildings dates back to the 9th century! It's mind blowing! And, I had a tip from my Dad, to actually touch, to lay hands on everything I could. Just to know that I touched something so old and full of history quickly became a trip theme. There were a few touch and go moments when we weren't actually allowed to touch something... 

I'll warn you now, there are around 30 pictures, and they are all amazing. So full of detail!  I hope you guys enjoy!

I think if we were to live in Europe, it would be between Prague and Paris. Not bad choices either way, huh?

What's one place you have visited that you simply cannot get out of your mind? Comment below!


  1. Gorgeous. All the pictures look like postcards!

  2. Wow these photos are breathtaking!! Girl you have seen so much beauty. I can't get Belize and Honduras out of my mind. These places are hidden treasures most people don't even think about. I can't wait to go to india though.

  3. So beautiful! I just love the architecture!! Each building has so much character.

  4. So pretty! I would love to go! At this rate, I'd love to go just about anywhere that is warmer than here!

    Danielle @ Allusional


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