Feb 18, 2014

Sushi and Into The Woods

Hey Y'all! I am happy to update you on what's happening in my world. Ginny has been responding well to the antibiotics, and her lump has gone down a great deal! She has a checkup in an hour, but I'm sure her Vet will be happy at the progress as well! She's truly a happy puppy and I'm so very thankful God brought her into our home and our hearts.  

Secondly, I may or may not have returned the awful heart monitor a few days early. Honestly, I couldn't stand that thing on me one more second! If the Cardiologist doesn't have everything he needs, too bad! :) It's so freeing without a lanyard with a bulky transmitter around your neck and wires going everywhere! I think the majority of the testing is behind me. Now, it is just getting the results back and a treatment plan. But I remain hopeful!

PLUS- it's almost 40 degrees here today! HEAT WAVEEEE! The snow and icicles are melting (not fast enough for me) and I can't wait until Ginny and I can take our daily long walks and get fresh air! There is nothing like the feeling of being outside breathing in the air, or at the very least, opening all of your windows at home and feeling the breeze come through your home. I am beyond cooped up, can't you tell? 

And let me tell you about our Sunday. Husband found great tickets for Chicago's Theater Week, for a show called Into The Woods. It was at the Mercury Theater, which was small, but still nice! This show was the very first show the Mr. saw as a young child, and he remembered being fascinated. So we had to see it! 

Before the show, we met up with The Mr.'s brother and his adorable girlfriend for sushi. It was pretty good! We all admitted that we could probably eat our weight in sushi, and certainly tried that day! After saying our good-byes, we walked another two blocks to the Mercury Theater. 

The show was so good! It's not your fancy costume, flashy show. It was low key, the actors wore their own clothes and just hats and robes for props. I believe it was the group, The Hypocrites.  Some actors had to play multiple parts, but that added to the cuteness! I would recommend it to all ages! 

After getting home, I looked it up and I was so excited to learn that they are filming in Hollywood with a release date of this year! The girl off of pitch perfect- Anna, and Mr. Johnny Deep with a lot of other A-listers are playing in it. I can't wait! 
I did manage to snap a few camera photos, although they are grainy, it'll still give you an idea of the area. 

I should be back to blogging regularly by next week, and I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for their kind comments and emails to check in on me. It really means more than you know. You think when you start a blog that it's you against the world, but you really become accepted into the blogging community and form friendships that mean a lot! So thank you! 

What's your first musical or play, or your favorite?


  1. ohmygosh I LOVE Into The Woods :) def one of my favorite musicals ! so glad you had a great time1

  2. The first musical I saw performed was Cats, but I have also seen Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, The Lion King, and The Wizard of Oz. I think my favorite would be a tie between Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King. :) I love going to the theater - I think you can tell that by the list. haha

  3. Our local HS did Into the Woods a few years ago and we enjoyed it! We're looking forward to the movie

  4. So glad you and Ginny are both doing better! And I LOVE Into The Woods. My first experience of the show was when my brother played Cinderella's Prince in the middle school version. I recently watched a DVD of the stage production and discovered all the A-lister actors that will be in the movie. I am super pumped for it!


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