Feb 19, 2014


Good Morning, friends! Today I want to share a little about peace. Not the world peace kind, but inner peace. It is such a fickle thing that, while I can't speak for everyone, for me, it is near impossible to get that feeling and keep it all day. Am I right, or is it really just me?

 I'm studying the Beth Moore book, Breaking Free, and in chapter 6, she speaks about experiencing God's peace. By the way, if you need a good, hearty devotional book- this is the one! She's striking cords with me left and right.

So, back to the chapter. She quotes Isa. 48:18, "If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea."  And she goes on to explain that a river and a peaceful life doesn't have to be like a pond, a boring stagnant pond, your life will be like a river, white water rafting type of river. It's a really good point she makes! Who wants to be stagnant? I don't! But, I do want the peace to be with me always, and not with me for brief periods of the day.  And how do we achieve this peace? By following his commands. Sounds simple enough right?

 Wrong! My word for the year is "Relax". I really think that with all of the technology and things going on in our daily lives, that it's so easy to become desensitized about things that shouldn't be in front of us, and that makes it hard to follow commands or to relax. To unplug from things makes it easier, and I have contemplated hard about deleting Facebook and twitter. It's just this constant barrage of things, good or bad, that just makes you feel something. It could be happy that a friend from high school just got engaged, but it's not like you actually have had a conversation with this person since high school. It's unnecessary junk clogging up your brain when you could be relaxing and just focusing on you, your family and close friends (and your blog)

Just this week, on Facebook (a post about social media will be published next week) a person from my home town had posted a video of teenage girls fighting. I think this is a hacker job, like they clicked on another video and because they did, their account was compromised and the hackers posted other videos without their knowledge. But, they had to click on a video first in order for this to happen. And all of the videos are smutty, a girl with a rather large derriere, a teen girl fight, or some other smutty thing.  I was in shock! In my mind, no way would this person every do such a thing, but there was the proof, right before my eyes! I remember, during my childhood, my mother would watch the soap operas and when the actors would kiss, we would have to turn our head and cover our eyes. Now, children see much more than a kiss and they don't seem to be bothered by it! My question is... if we are a society that is so desensitized to various things, how will we be able to follow the commands of our Lord? How will we hear the Holy Spirit talk to us A.K.A. our conscious, and know right from wrong? And how will we ever experience the peace like a river, and well-being waves of the sea? 

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  1. I totally get where you are coming from. Sometimes I purposefully put my phone on silent and leave it in a different room just so I won't constantly look at it. Sometimes I just have to step away and spend quality time with God. But sadly, I usually only realize that's what I need when I have let myself get completely worn out.


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