Jun 10, 2014

ABC's of Thankfulness

Good Tuesday Morning! I totally spaced and forgot Monday's post, but I'm sure you won't mind too much! Today should be a great day! My Love and I have a day planned to just enjoy each other's company without dinners, or movies or activities getting in the way. Just to hang around and just be us! I've been working on not focusing so much on the romantic side of our marriage, but more on the friendship side, (see this post) and it's so therapeutic to just laugh and be silly with your Mr.!

So today, I thought I'd change up the blog a bit by posting different topics (as much as possible). When I found this little gem from Simply Clarke, I just knew it was perfect for this point in my life! And Marquis had such a lovely picture, I couldn't bear not sharing it with you guys! 

ABC's of Thankfulness - What are you thankful for today?

Anything- and everything! God has given me an amazing life, after a couple of rough patches, I'm blooming where He's planted me!
Bubble tea! I've missed this drink since leaving Hawaii and have yet to find a good place here! I guess I'll have to make my own!
COFFEEEEEE---- Lately it's been more "Coffee Milk" than regular coffee, but I love it prepared all ways! 
Driving- I'm thankful that I have the ability to drive on a nice day with the windows down and KLove playing! I rarely do this drive during the Winter, so it makes it a treat in the Spring and Summer! 
Electricity. You don't realize how much you depend on it till its out for a few hours.- AMEN! 
Friends! I'm so thankful for the handful of friends that are in my inner circle, See this post about that
Glasses, I am blind as a bat without them! 
Home, it's not about how grand it is, it's home wherever you make it and who ever you share it with.
Ink to create art with, to write letters of encouragement with, and ice because I like my drinks cold! 
Journaling, I don't do it as often as I should, but I do love buying journals faster than I can fill them up!
Klove! I'm so thankful that I can turn on that station while I'm doing chores or work, and my mood lifts!
LOVEEEEEEE! I'm so thankful for the ability to love people, and to accept love! 
My Man! I love the Mr. more than I ever thought possible! 
Nieces and Nachos! 
Obedience, It's hard to do, but so worth it once achieved! 
Prayer, praying friends, patience, all of the above!
Quietness so I can fully submerse in the word! 
Rainbows, it reminds me of God's promise. Gen. 9:12-17
Savior. He is everything to me.
Trust, that God will take care of me no matter what!
Ukulele, Every time I hear one being played, it reminds me of Hawaii.
Vacation, I love to just get away with my love or family and friends. Just unplug from the world for a while.
WATER! I love the stuff! Drinking, swimming, baths.... love it!
X-Rays? Wow, the letter "X" is pretty hard
YOU! So thankful to my readers who keep coming to my blog and commenting! Love you guys!
Zumba? I've tried it a few times, and love to dance around!

You know, I thought I could fill this out in 3 minutes flat. I was wrong. It's hard to start thinking about the things that you are REALLY thankful for that start with the hard letters!

How about you guys? I'd love for you to do this and put a link to your post in the comments below!


  1. You are too cute! This is such a fun post I've seen going around, I might just have to borrow it ;)

  2. What a fun post! Definitely might do this in the future -- thanks for passing along! :)

  3. Hey Jessy! I borrowed this idea and you were right! Those last few letters were a little difficult! :) Thanks again for passing this along! It was fun! http://polishedarrow.weebly.com/blog/abcs-of-thankfulness


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