Jun 11, 2014

Ever heard of Wilton?

Wilton, as in Wilton items, as in the company that has any and everything for cooking and baking. Heard of them? Well, every year they have a tent sale with serious discounts. My Mother in Law told me about it last year and we went. I loved it so much, we planned to go this year as well! It's a cake maker/decorator's dream. Too bad we don't make cakes! There were plenty of other things for us, like pure vanilla extract, cool spoons that don't melt while you're stirring your food, this awesome non-stick spray, I mean everything you can think of!

Last year, I loaded up on Copco pots, mixing bowls, just everything to outfit my kitchen properly. Hawaii's prices of even the cheapy house wear stuff is outrageous, so I had nothing but cheapy kitchen items! It was time for an upgrade!

This year, I had plans, only utensils, only vanilla, I didn't want to spend a fortune, and I didn't need a ton of things. Wilton had other ideas, and I walked out needed $55 worth of items! I mean, they even had scrap booking items and Swarovski crystals there! Random, I know, but they were all half off!

I did manage to snap a couple pictures for you to see, and go to Wilton's website to check out this sale! Those are my favorite sprinkles to jazz up any and everything! Also, no, this is not a sponsored post. It's just me wanting to share a really cool sale with you guys! They have this sale about the same time each year, so let me know next year if you're going!

And now, I'm off to sew my little heart out. I'm so thankful God has blessed me with so many orders lately, but I just wish my sewing "To Do" pile would shrink a little! :)

Y'all have a great Wednesday!

Please tell me you guys have a large "TO DO" pile of some sort?!


  1. I love the tent sale!!!! I need to get my mom and my acts together and get over there before the 17th! I love stocking up on the fun things like cupcake liners, things I wouldn't normally buy since they're pricey.

  2. This must have been an amazing tent sale ! I have never heard of it before, but you better believe that I am off to check out the sale on their website !


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