Jul 1, 2014

July Edition of Currently

 Hey y'all!  It's July already? Where is the year going???  I thought I'd start doing a "Currently" list in the beginning of each month. Just to share a bit of what's going on in my world with you! 

WORKING ON: CAPES! The Frozen inspired capes are a big hit and I love working with shiny, sparkly fabric! How could you NOT be happy dealing with that all day?
THINKING ABOUT: Travel for the rest of the year! We have a family lake/fishing trip coming up in August that I'm praying everyday the Mr. has off of work for! I need some down time in nature something awful! I also have my BFF Jessica from Bucktown Grayce vow renewal in Florida in December. Uhh, a week out of Chi-beria to the sunny beaches of Flordia in the dead of winter, yes please! So I'm preparing packing lists and determining if I can do it in one bag again like I did for Europe! 
ANTICIPATING: Vacations mentioned above! 
LISTENING TO: KLove station, as always. 
EATING: Nothing, drinking coffee.- Apparently I am a creature of habit because I never seem to change listening to and eating answers! 
THANKFUL FOR: My God in heaven, and the family and friends He's given me! I love each one of them so dearly! 
PLANNING FOR: More Summer time dates with my Mr.!
MAKING: New scarf like camera straps! I've noticed with mine, the padded ones I make (find them here) are nice, but sooooo hot on sunny days! So I wanted to try to make one with a lightweight material more like a scarf! Maybe some wind can get through that strap and your neck will stay cool! 
LEARNING: That if I don't write it down in my Erin Condren planner, it doesn't get done! I am horrible at this! Please, if we have something going on, even a Skype chat, tell me to write it in my planner or I'll totally forget!
WEARING: Ya caught me, still in my PJ's! Sorry that I'm not sorry? - Creature of habit again.

That does it folks! That's my currently! I'm not even sure if I will continue this beginning of the month Currently post.... do you even find it interesting? Comment below and tell me! 


  1. Your Frozen capes are adorable!!! :)

  2. I love your camera straps! I'm jealous you have and Erin Condren. I wish I could afford one!

  3. I love your camera straps. I'm also jealous you have an Erin Condren. I wish I could afford one :)


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