Aug 18, 2014

Weekly Wishes, The One With All That Jazz

Good Monday morning! Aren't you so excited a fresh, brand spankin' new week has started? You should be because I have great news for you! This is the greatest week of the year! Let me tell you what's going on,
1. My birthday falls in this week.
2. My 2nd wedding anniversary is this week.
3. It's the official un-official 1st blog anniversary!

YEAH! This week I am on cloud 9 because of those events happening, but also because I received this in the mail on Saturday....

Yes! I've finally summed enough courage and stopped all of my doubts, and worrying if people will think I'm crazy, or think I'm wasting my time, and was accepted into Life Christian University! I'm so excited about this! More so because a lot of people confide in me about different things. I seem to be every one's sounding board, their "person" to go to and talk things over when life throws them a curve ball,  but I wanted to know more about the word so I can properly relate what I'm trying to tell them.  A writer and word master, I am not. I think in pictures, so it's hard for me to express myself in words. (You may have noticed this in my blog posts.)  I just felt like I needed a little backup in that department to really get my point across. So, yeah, that's going to be exciting!

ANYWAY, I wanted to celebrate with you, in a big way. So a couple of my blogger pals have graciously joined me in putting together this giveaway! We are going to start it tomorrow, and run it for a week. There is all sorts of goodies, and will be around 9 winners! HUGE news!

So that's what's going on this week! Let's get down to my weekly wishes for this week:

1. Finish putting together Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza and email blogger pals the codes.
2. Catch up on emails! I may be the worst at this. And I promise I will email everyone back soon!
3. Finish all orders, photo, list, and promote on the Etsy Store.
4. Organize kitchen with my snazzy new organizational bins from Costco. You know those clear ones you can put in pantry or frig? YEAH buddy! I bought a box of them and it's ridiculous how excited I am about using them to clean up around the kitchen.
5. Clean out front closet. It's a train wreck in there. I have to put a bookshelf to hold all of the crap that is just piled on the floor!
6. Start class at LCU! Eeppp!

Other than doing a lot of celebrating, those are my Weekly Wishes. If you want to join in, simply click the box below and join in with us! It's a great way to meet other bloggers!

The Nectar Collective

I hope you're having a fantastic Monday! What did you do over the weekend? Comment below!


  1. 1. congratulations on your acceptance. That is awesome.
    2. Happy birthday week! woohoo!!
    3. Happy anniversary!!!
    4. Happy blogiversary!

    What an exciting week for you!

  2. Congratulations on the acceptance!!! So exciting!! :) :) This past weekend Sean and I cleaned a little and spent some quiet time away from the construction work. The guys were back this morning and construction = loud! So the quiet was really nice.
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

  3. Happy birthday! Next Monday is my 2nd wedding anniversary, have a great celebration


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