Sep 15, 2014


Good Morning! Thanks for stopping by! I had this grand post for you today, a home tour post, but I have the greatest news! Aimee from This Darling Day and Prayerful Bloggers has asked me to take the reigns for Prayerful Bloggers! This is huge, and it blessed my socks off more than Aimee knows!
While I'm still wrapping my head around the specifics, I will continue with The Artsy Cajun's blog posts tomorrow. Thanks for being patient with me as a new path that God has laid for me, is merged with my own path!

What does this mean? It means I will run the Prayerful Bloggers blog, instagram, and all other accounts. I would absolutely LOVE for you to follow Prayerful Bloggers and join us (if you haven't already). This is an amazing group that connects you to other bloggers, where we come together for prayer requests, uplifting, and trying to build a godly community! Check out all of the links and follow along!

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  1. So excited for you, Jessy! I've been really, (REALLY) struggling with my faith...for about 3 years now. Just having lots of questions about things and feeling a little lost in my journey. We have had trouble with finding a church and haven't attended a service in a long time. I'm a firm believer that Jesus loved all people and it hurts my heart to hear preaching that likens otherwise - I don't want my children growing up thinking of ANYone as "less than" or that because someone loves someone of the same sex that they are "bad" or "wrong." It's just not cool in my book. I would love to find a church that is open to all people and loves all people with absolutely no judgement. In my heart I do not understand why there is such disconnect between what is taught in churches and "What Would Jesus Do?" Jesus loved everyone. He didn't judge. Why are we then taught such judgmental ways? (I was raised Southern Baptist, maybe we need to seek a different denomination??) Sorry to hijack your post with my ramblings and uncertainties! I said all that to say that recently, I've been feeling the pull to get back closer with God and this post is perhaps another reminder that I need to keep trying. Thank you for that, Jessy! I'll definitely check out the Prayerful Bloggers blog.


  2. Wow - this is SO exciting! I'm thrilled for you my friend!

  3. Jessy, I can't thank you enough for taking this on. I see God working through you to improve this group already. Thank you for your devotion to it from the word Go. I hung on to it for so long even when I didn't have the time to devote to it because it was "my baby." Seeing it grow and blossom under you is such a blessing. Much love to you sweet friend!


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