Mar 3, 2015

Operation Healthy #GinnySnuggles and a GIVEAWAY!

  In the spirit of us cleaning up our act meal wise and trying to get healthier, I've also noticed Ginny has packed on a few pounds. Homegirl does these loud yoga breaths either because she's too chubby and/or because she really enjoys folks loving on her. Either way, it won't kill her to clean up her act, too! So, I began checking out her dog food--- I'll save you some time and say, it was pure crap! Also, this little round lady sheds like nobody's business. Don't expect to come into our home and leave without a nice fur coat of Ginny hair!

  We also noticed her scratching a lot and asked the vet what the deal was. It's a food allergy, most likely from grain, and she recommended a fish based, grain free diet. I'm not sure if you are familiar with dog food, but the ingredients are crazy! Most dog foods have corn as the first ingredient, which means they are mostly corn. I became determined to find one that would help her skin/shedding problems AND be good for her, but I'm not quite ready to do the whole cook-veggies-and-meat-for-your-dog thing, so I spend hours researching everything I could read. Ultimately, I found Blue Wilderness food to fit our specifications, and it seems to be working!

  Now, I feel like all this work I've done shouldn't go to waste, and since Ginny is my fur child (and spoiled beyond repair) I thought I'd start a new blog series:

Operation Healthy #GinnySnuggles 
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Yes, girlfriend is going to get healthy, and y'all are going to read about every other month or so!

Ginny Patrice (yes, her middle name came from Robyn Sherbatsky off of How I Met Your Mother, yelling at her co-worker- Patrice)

Weight: 36 lbs.
Yoga Breaths: Pretty frequently
Food:  Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon recipe (can find great deals off of
Feedings:  Twice a day, 1.5 cups each
Exercise: 3 walks a day, 10 mins each. And about 30 minutes of play time inside (tug of war, chasing the laser pointer)
Treats:  Right now it's Pedigree treats, but I'm thinking it should change as soon as these are gone.

My goals are to share with you how I'm going to get this lazy doggie in shape and healthy so I can have as many years with her as possible! And, since I love animals so much, I have a GIVEAWAY for you thanks to the nice folks at 

This is what you get:

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Displaying bluewildernessdental.png

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Good luck in the contest!

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