Mar 4, 2015

Spring-y time of thing-y

Linking up with Anne from In residence  and Jenna from Dearest Love for Currently.   I love doing these every month, going back and rereading them to see how much things change! 

Dreaming|   Of the warm Spring and Summer days that the Mr, Ginny and I can spend all weekend camping! Unplugged from technology, reconnecting with each other by focusing on our marriage, and charging our outdoorsy batteries! Oh yes, my friends, it will be heaven!

Planning:|  My blogging strategy for the year. I need to really buckle down and get a good system to make sure I get everything done, but not take up my whole day! Blogosphere really sucks you in! What are your tips? Comment below!

Making|  Scarves upon scarves! I'm clearing out my fabric stock pile and this means fresh new scarves in my Etsy shop! And remember, I LOVE to use my fancy schmancy new monogramming machine, so order your scarf with a monogram, you won't regret it!

Baking|  Yeast rolls, and trying out a new recipe for Banana Nut Bread. The Mr. and I love the muffins banana nut muffins, so maybe a whole loaf will be even better! I'll post the recipe on here soon so y'all can try it, too!

Watching|   Netflix, of course, but more specifically Friday Night Lights. Reminds me so much of highschool and the Southern football life!  If I knew then, what I know now huh? Geez!

I'm not joking, what are your tips to streamlining your blogging process? Gimme all dem tips and tricks, please!


  1. Ugh. Blogging so sucks you in! I wish I could subscribe to the comments on here to see other people's tips. I'll just have to keep coming back to this post.

  2. Hi Jessy! I found that having an editorial calendar and sticking to it is working out for me. Of course, there are some days when I have awesome ideas that hit me and other days that's just bah. But that's ok, write them all down, that's what drafts are for! I've limited myself to post on MWF. I write when inspiration hits me or jot down things during the day which ends up being my rough draft, then I do the edits close to when I post. Hope this helps! BTW, I love banana nut bread. Dropping by from linkup with Jenna at Dearest Love. Have a great week.


  3. I so love Friday Night Lights! One of the best shows ever. I'm trying to make certain days where I comment only and certain days where I write. It's a change and I can't say it's become a routine but I'm trying!

  4. A monogramming machine, how fun! And making a loose weekly schedule (outfits on Tuesdays, book reviews on Wednesdays, etc.) really helped me get more efficient with my blogging time...


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