May 6, 2015

Mother May I?

Hey folks! Today is Currently for May with Anne & Jenna! It's where you talk about what's currently going on! I love their prompts so here we go!

Designing- Not much these days! I have a lot of home projects that I've been dying to do all Winter. And now that it's warm, I can actually do them outside! We have a couple of mismatched pieces of furniture that I've dreamed of painting to try and bring the pieces together. So, that's coming up in future posts! I also have ideas on new camera straps, scarves and cosmetic bags that I can't wait to share with you once I actually sew them!

Freshly painted lamp! That table is next! 

Enjoying-  Warm blue skies and flowers and trees and grass and GREEN EVERYWHERE! Yep, I'm pretty happy when it's warm outside!

Ordering- Beeswax, and wicks. I'm making my own candles! I've read the reviews about how much toxins you're putting into the air by burning traditional candles, and even some soy candles. While I don't believe everything they say about beeswax candles being "Healthier" for you by releasing negative ions into the air and blah blah, I do believe they will not harm us either. And I just love a flickering light from the candle. Plus, I love smell goods, so I'll be adding my essential oils into them. AND, if they come out as amazing as I think they will, I may start offering them in my Etsy Shop! EKK!

Celebrating- We have a couple of birthdays coming up, and Mother's day on Sunday. So we will be celebrating them. But I just want to celebrate Spring! I love it THAT much!

Tasting- Lately, it's been the same stuff. I have new healthier recipes that I need to try, but I'm all out of energy at the end of the day when it's time to cook dinner. It's kinda hard to make Cajun food healthier, but hopefully I can get some of those done and share them with you!

What are you up to this month?

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  1. Ooh, love those fabrics. And I've seriously been enjoying this weather lately too. Thanks for linking up!


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