Jun 17, 2015

Allergy Blues, ahem, Reds.

Operation Healthy GinnySnuggles has commenced!

Ginny Patrice (yes, her middle name came from Robin Scherbatsky off of How I Met Your Mother, yelling at her co-worker- Patrice)

Weight: 36 lbs.
Yoga Breaths: Pretty frequently, but now panting like a mad woman.
Food:  Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon recipe (can find great deals off of Chewy.com)
Feedings:  Twice a day, 1.5 cups each
Exercise: 3 walks a day, 10 mins each. And about 30 minutes of play time inside (tug of war, chasing the laser pointer)
Treats:  Wellness TruFood Chicken, Beets, & Coconut oil, and the Lamb, Purple Carrots & Coconut Oil 

It's so warm out, and I'm so thankful for that! This past Winter was BRUTAL, so I'm happy to get outdoors. Couple of things, though-

  1. I have horrible allergies and anything longer than 30 minutes with a high pollen count day, and that's an instant migraine. And those aren't pretty, folks.
  2. Ginny has horrible allergies and her beautiful little eyes get all red and leaky. Then, her pale pink skin gets bright red- everywhere. She itches so bad that she's even more clingy because she knows if she comes to me to cuddle, I will scratch her. 
Needless to say, we both have been doped up with benadryl for a month now.  I just don't want to stop our walks because it helps my Fibromyalgia to move my muscles at least 30 minutes a day (aside from regular house keeping chores/exercise) and it helps my morale to get some nature therapy. PLUS, if you remember from last Ginny check in, girlfriend needs to tone up, (don't we all) so we're trying to not let our allergies get in the way of all this!

That being said, I think if we limit our other allergy triggers, then we can tolerate a few more precious sunshiny minutes outside. My other main triggers, besides everything under the sun, are dust, dust mites, and bed mites, oh, and Ginny. Yeah, I'm a sucker for punishment. So for me, it's vacuuming & dusting every.single.day, changing our bed linens every.other.day, and by doing these, it's *in theory* going to give me those extra minutes outside. 

*Chewy.com gave me this product to review. Ginny's thoughts (as well as mine) are 100% honest opinions*

Ginny's triggers, aside from pollen is grain in her dog food. SO, we've kept her on the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon & rice, which is grain free. But, you know every dog needs treats, so this month, I've tried the Wellness TruFood treats from Chewy.com .  She's in LOVE with the Chicken, Beets & Coconut Oil one as well as the Lamb, Purple Carrots and Coconut oil. These treats are small, so I don't feel as bad giving her a couple throughout the day, after our walks. She gobbles these things right up! 

I know, you're reading this and thinking- those gals are a hot mess. And we are. I'm not arguing this. But if you have any other tips about avoiding allergies, we are all ears! Leave a comment below! 


  1. I don't know of a way for you to avoid your allergies, but 5 drops each of Young Living's peppermint, lavender, and lemon oils in a capsule does wonders for mine. Hope you start feeling better soon. I have fibro also and these days I feel like a 60 yr old getting out of bed!

  2. You poor thing . And Ginny too! I'm so sorry you both have such bad allergies. Boo!


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